Taboos & Misbehaviours

Mistreatment of land tools and equipment is putting your safety and others safety at risk. ·         Leaving tools and equipment on the floor is considered mistreatment of tools, and is a safety hazard for others. ·         Mistreatment of animals, bees, and our dog is strictly not allowed. ·         Mistreatment of other people on the land …

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***ALL VOLUNTEERS AND INTERNS MUST SIGN A WAIVER TO WORK ON THE LAND*** See appendix so sign and send to info(at) In order to assure the safety of everyone on the land, no one is allowed to use tools or equipment that they were not permitted to use. In order to be allowed to use …

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Land Project Funding

The Green Team: Current funding for green team projects comes in exchange for teaching classes at the Centre Jardin de Brossard that happen twice a week.  A large percentage of this money is reinvested in the land. Additionally, our Media services have been traded in the past for plants, soil, and other things that the …

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Internship Position Description

The following describe what help we are looking for in the interns with regards to existing projects: The Greenhouse: ·         Finish the interior. ·         Add another layer of cob, and a finish. ·         Set up of Solar Power Systems ·         Build the aquaponics system ·         Set up Rain Barrels ·         Build up the garden beds …

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What kind of Interns is Valhalla Looking For?

Valhalla’s Land Project is looking for interns to help out with the various projects that are going on. We are looking for people who are responsible, who take initiative, who have a great team spirit, who can work in groups, who can work alone, and who believe in the mission and vision of the Valhalla …

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Interns: Description & Responsibilities

An intern is someone who works with Valhalla but is not yet a full member. After successful completion of their internship and completion of any other membership process at Valhalla, interns may become full members of Valhalla should they choose to. Roles and Responsibilities of Interns: ·         To help out with existing projects that The …

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Land Heads Description & Responsibilities

What and who are they? A committee head is a full time member who represents the rest of it’s committee members across the organization’s meetings. The two heads of the Green Team committee are Germ Dee and Vivian Kaloxilos. The Build Team committee head is Marc Coppola. The committee heads have certain responsibilities and roles …

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Land Project – Description & Scope of Work

The land project is comprised of two committees, which themselves are made of all those who are involved with working on the land: The Green Team: takes care of the soil, plants, trees, bees, farm animals, annual garden, harvesting and preservation of food and medicines and teaches workshops and events to do with these topics; …

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List of 2014 Committee Heads and Other Organizational Positions

Accounting / Legal: Accountant Representatives: Legal Representatives: Appointed Outside Council: Ziyan & Sam Coppola Economic Sustainability: Economic Sustainability Counselors (2): Community Affairs: Human Resources Specialist: Facilitator: Entertainment & Events: Chief Events Coordinators (2): Merchandise: Merchandising Coordinators (2): Outreach and Marketing: Chief Editor : Marketing Manager: Mind, Body, Spirit: Guru (2): Engineering: Sustainable Technology Managers (2): …

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Multimedia Release Form

Date: Name: Address: Date Birth (if minor need parents consent):_________ Social Security Number: I understand that The Valhalla Movement Foundation dba as Valhalla Movement or its affiliates (the “Producer”) is producing an audiovisual production, video or film presently entitled “_______________” (the “Project”) and that Producer has requested that I grant it the right to photograph …

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Second Stage Membership Submission Form

Name: Date of Official beginning of Internship: 30 Day Mark Date: Date of Submission of this Form: Choice of 3 Pillars Mind: Body: Spirit: Challenges Granted by Pillars Mind: Body: Spirit: Date of 60 Day Challenge Beginning: Date of Membership Evaluation Consideration and Vote:

Entry Level Internship & Membership Submission Form

INTERESTED IN BEING AN INTERN? Send the appropriate heads an email including answers to all these questions CLEARLY marked with the appropriate headings so we can process the vast amount of applicants we do get on a regular basis. Please keep your answers brief and concise for the most part J Understand that it might …

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Project Proposal Form

Name of proposal submitter(s): Project Description         Why is this project important and relevant to Valhalla?         What does it entail?         Where will it be manifested?         What is the timeline?         Who will be involved? Which committees does …

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Extra materials forms and things related to the Valhalla Movement and this manifesto

Partner & Sponsorship Agreements

Valhalla may look to create strategic partnerships – content sharing strategies – or seek sponsors to help fund and generate income for the movement. A larger percentage of money found in this regard – including things like grant writing and more – should all go into direct projects at Valhalla and there will be a …

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The GreenSeed management platform is something of utmost priority for the movement. It is not only a platform for Valhalla projects to be funded but also to help fund other Valhalla supported projects on an open submissions platform. It is currently in development phase and expected to be launched in a beta phase in Spring …

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Contests & Giveaways

The use of contests and giveaways in order to promote and engage our fanbase might at times occur. This form of enticement should be used to really engage fans to be able to benefit from such participation and try and limit the feelings of “lossers” by offering something symbolic or small in nature to all …

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Documentation Strategy

The documentation strategy concerning the movement is two fold yet very simple. All projects happening at or in involvement with Valhalla will be documented in some way shape or form in order to continue to relay and spread the information and awareness of these projects and events. The second portion of such is the actual …

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Social Media Management

Social Media Management is to be carried out by social media manager and select marketing operations specialists. Others can submit content via the bank of content to be posted but this is still to be managed by the experts as posting by others can remove the spotlight on other content that also should be highlighted.