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The Valhalla Mission

Valhalla is a growing tribe of storytellers out to proliferate freedom culture by igniting a global passion for sustainability, self-reliance, and collaborative action.

Freedom Culture

A collective state of being that empowers and encourages all individuals to contribute their unique gifts to the world.

Through ecologically sustainable lifestyles, economic self-reliance in local communities, and global collaborative action for the benefit of all, freedom culture can become the new normal.

Here's how

Play a part in making sustainability mainstream and proliferating
Freedom Culture by sharing this movement with others

Valhalla's Core Tenets

High Quality Media

The world is full of amazing people, initiatives and ideas that need to be seen and heard. That's where we come in.

We are forging a massive media network of high-quality videos, podcasts, photos, articles and graphics which will give the community of change a coherent voice and a platform to share knowledge and solutions.

We also seek to focus on those who have already begun this process: so we're building a team of globe-trotting documentarians to capture and share the stories of people doing beautiful things in the fields of sustainability and community.

Sustainable Homes of the Future

To interweave the best knowledge across a variety of fields to produce homes that are beautiful and sustainable.

The prefabricated, certified WISDOM Homes come in a variety of sizes and finishes. But WISDOM Homes are different from other houses, and it’s not just that we’re continuously refining and improving each home to the highest degree of beauty, efficiency, durability and affordability. It begins with our interdisciplinary design process and continues even as we’re handing over the keys to your home.

Our principle is to keep it simple. And simplicity is reflected in all our house designs through the architecture, the construction method and passive optimization.

Education & Events

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

William Butler Yeats

Once people are excited about the global movement towards self-reliance and community resiliency, the next step is providing them with the knowledge and experiences necessary to get things moving.

We are working with sustainability and community experts with decades of experience to build an online educational platform where cutting edge ideas are made accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to connect the community of changemakers by providing practical, first-hand experiences through conferences, workshops, and other physical events.

On the Ground

Our way of taking direct action is by applying permaculture principles and utilising the best technology for eco-construction to transform this piece of land into the educational and community site that we wish to see. The short term goal is to establish a community centered around education and collaborative action by turning the land into a permaculture demonstration and educational site. The long term goal is to turn this land into a thriving self-sufficient and off the grid community, minutes from Montreal.

This is where we walk our talk, remediate the soil and water, forest garden, annual garden, create niches for wild animals and pollinators, build self sustaining buildings and rich community activities.

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