Land Heads Description & Responsibilities

What and who are they?

A committee head is a full time member who represents the rest of it’s committee members across the organization’s meetings.

The two heads of the Green Team committee are Germ Dee and Vivian Kaloxilos.

The Build Team committee head is Marc Coppola.

The committee heads have certain responsibilities and roles that will determine what they are held accountable for, they are responsible for updating the rest of the committee at all times as well as the movement as a whole.

Roles and Responsibilities:

·         To plan out all the activities and projects for the season;

·         To plan out the course schedule for the season;

·         To oversee that the courses are on time and functional;

·         To help interns integrate and participate in existing land projects;

·         To ensure that interns have all the tools, knowledge and wisdom to work without a head’s supervision;

·         To assist an intern should (s)he want to take on and be responsible for an independent project on the land,  and to determine whether the project is do-able in finance, time, and labour, as well as whether it will compliment the existing projects or not, whether the project should be done or not;

·         To be responsible for making sure the volunteers that come know how to do things adequately, efficiently, and safely;

·         To oversee any courses taught by partnered organizations are running smoothly and safely;

·         To provide assistance to any interns or volunteers should it be needed;

·         To run a committee meeting every week with committee members;

·         To make sure everyone knows what tasks they are doing weekly;

·         To delegate certain committed hours to interns for existing land projects;

·         To ensure committee members are doing the work they said they’d do;

·         To attend the heads meeting one every other week;

·         To represent the highest and best interest of the committee in head meetings;

·         To provide feedback to their committee after heads meetings;

·         To make sure that everything being said, done, and built is done so as sustainably as possible.