What kind of Interns is Valhalla Looking For?

Valhalla’s Land Project is looking for interns to help out with the various projects that are going on. We are looking for people who are responsible, who take initiative, who have a great team spirit, who can work in groups, who can work alone, and who believe in the mission and vision of the Valhalla Movement and Valhalla Montreal.

The heads are not there to boss people around. They serve as guides to help and assist others as they are not necessarily the most knowledgeable about any one topic but they are the ones maintaining the dynamics of the group and are fully immersed within the Movement and the things going on within it.

Thus, we are looking for interns who we can rely on to do the work they committed to, in a timely fashion. The heads will not be making a work schedule for the interns, we expect the interns to be able to schedule themselves to do their work. There are things the heads will suggest, such as garden in the mornings or evenings because the sun gets too hot, not to water plants during the day, etc, but exact times and days will not be given out for work from Monday to Friday. There are two exceptions to this:

1. When there are major projects happening on the land that require many hands to help, we will ask for the attendance of the interns. This projects could be anything from garden work, to construction work, to volunteer days, to special events.

2. Every Saturday, we will have a committee lunch, committee meeting, and committee group work day. We expect all interns to be there, unless the heads were notified of an absence due to sickness, injury, or vacation in advance. (Rain checks will apply this item to be on Sunday instead)

We are looking for people who are available for the entire season, as in the intern is not planning on leaving for a few weeks or more at a time. The season if from April/May (depending on weather) to September/October. There is a second growing season at the end of the summer, for winter crops, however this is not mandatory for an intern to be available for. We are all human, and we understanding the need to cease an opportunity. This being said, we very much value committed and reliable individuals.

We value people who like to make the best of every situation, and find ways to make even the most boring tasks fun. We enjoy a delicate balance between work and play as this work is meant to be fulfilling and enjoyable.

Specific roles we are looking for help with:

Green Team:

Annual Gardening

Forest Gardening

Bee Keeping

Dog Training

Food preservation

General Land Maintenance

Build Team:


Glass / Bottle Workers



Specialists (example: Aquaponics)

Brick Layers / Cement workers

Tire Pounding Enthusiasts