Interns: Description & Responsibilities

An intern is someone who works with Valhalla but is not yet a full member. After successful completion of their internship and completion of any other membership process at Valhalla, interns may become full members of Valhalla should they choose to.

Roles and Responsibilities of Interns:

·         To help out with existing projects that The Land Project is running;

·         To commit to a certain amount of work hours each week;

·         To commit to certain tasks every week, and to complete on their own time;

·         To make sure she/he knows everything she/he needs to know for a task, if not, to seek the assistance of the committee heads;

·         To always ask a head before changing plans on a project should the intern think there is a more efficient and sustainable way for something to be done;

·         To attend the committee meeting and committee group work day every week;

·         To help the heads should they need assistance with volunteer days or events taking place on the land;

·         To let the heads know as early as possible if the intern is going on vacation, a festival, or of any absence. Two weeks minimum if possible would be sufficient;

·         To find a replacement (another intern or a head) who agrees to cover the responsibilities should an intern be absent;

·         To notify the heads if the intern is sick or in bad mental or physical condition to work, or of any emergencies that the intern may run into;

·         To always make sure that the intern is not compromising the safety of her/his self or other people on the land;

·         To only use equipment that the heads have allowed the intern to use, and to not use any equipment that the intern does not know or is unsure how to use properly and safely