Taboos & Misbehaviours

Mistreatment of land tools and equipment is putting your safety and others safety at risk.

·         Leaving tools and equipment on the floor is considered mistreatment of tools, and is a safety hazard for others.

·         Mistreatment of animals, bees, and our dog is strictly not allowed.

·         Mistreatment of other people on the land is strictly not allowed.

·         Inviting big groups of people to the land without permission is strictly not allowed.

·         Sleeping on the land without permission is strictly not allowed – It’s not that we don’t want sleepovers but the city has made it very clear that we are not allowed to do such given the current zoning. Every time someone breaks this rule this hurts our credibility with them and our neighbours and is just not something we can do at the moment.

·         Leaving garbage, glass bottles and plastic bottles on the land is not allowed. We have a garbage and a recycling bin you can you use.

·         The use of chemicals on the land is strictly forbidden – we value organic farming and there is always alternatives to the use of harmful unsustainable chemicals.

·         Any persons misbehaviour which disrespects others or puts their safety at risk is strictly not allowed, and any one going out of line will be asked to leave.