Partner & Sponsorship Agreements

Valhalla may look to create strategic partnerships – content sharing strategies – or seek sponsors to help fund and generate income for the movement. A larger percentage of money found in this regard – including things like grant writing and more – should all go into direct projects at Valhalla and there will be a period of evaluation as to what money should go towards that Accounting and Economic Sustainability will help determine the most immediate financial needs of organization. A minimum percentage of 85% of all money earned in this manner should directly enter project unless the exchange involves direct work of specific members for which they should also get their promised payments without deductions if determined that way.

Sponsors and Partnerships are to be negotiated in coordination with the Legal and Economic Sustainability representatives to determine everything from scope of work, budget inflows, and the accountability for what this wealth of resources will be used towards to ensure Valhalla always honors its end of the bargain.