The GreenSeed management platform is something of utmost priority for the movement. It is not only a platform for Valhalla projects to be funded but also to help fund other Valhalla supported projects on an open submissions platform. It is currently in development phase and expected to be launched in a beta phase in Spring 2014.

Some rules regarding project submissions and revenues are as follows:

·         Valhalla will ensure that all projects submitted are all related directly to the Valhalla mission and the propagation of sustainable change making projects. This platform is not for general use but to support very specific causes.

·         Valhalla will ensure that rewards – especially for its own programs are always of the utmost priority as well as consistently urge other project managers to always consider keeping their integrity and promises in the same level of importance.

·         The projects to be accepted or rejected are to be determined on a case by case basis by the project leader of GreenSeed or anyone (s)he appoints to also take on this responsibility.

·         Revenues from all projects will include an 8% fee when successfully funded. 3% of this fee is due to credit card processing but the other 5% goes to help fund the efforts of the Marketing division of the movement.