Land Project – Description & Scope of Work

The land project is comprised of two committees, which themselves are made of all those who are involved with working on the land:

  1. The Green Team: takes care of the soil, plants, trees, bees, farm animals, annual garden, harvesting and preservation of food and medicines and teaches workshops and events to do with these topics;

  2. Build Team: takes care of all the builds that are going on, on the land. Making the designs, acquiring materials, and building them safely and sound.

The Green Team Mission: Our mission is to take old GMO farmland, heal it, and turn it into a food producing paradise, and permaculture demonstration site. Our aim is to do this using the least amount of fossil fuels, and always work in the most sustainable way possible.

The Build Team Mission: Our mission is to build off the grid, self sustaining, structures on the land in a way that is ecologically and financially sustainable, using as many recycled materials as possible while remaining structurally sound and technologically advanced.