Marc Angelo Coppola

Valhalla Podcast – Daniel Vitalis Marc Coppola one of the founding members of the Valhalla Movement interviews the creator of the ReWild Yourself concept coined by Daniel Vitalis. A visionary in actionably changing your life for the healthier and more sustainable future we need. Daniel Vitalis’ info Facebook Twitter

Why Valhalla? Simply Because…

As one of the founding members of Valhalla – one of the most silent questions we are surprisingly almost never asked is “Why?” – Perhaps because I started a marketing company in 2010 which vaguely yet clearly answered this question called “Why? Simply Because!” (also know as W?SB! Media) but such doesn’t justify my thirst …

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Valhalla Vlog 3 – Reconnect

Website: Marc Coppola from the Valhalla Movement celebrates Dec 21st and the winter solstice in his own unique way by Reconnecting back to the world around him. Smashing plate is in the mix! Music is: Solange – Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix) Not my property rights Facebook: Twitter: SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!

Monday’s Are Awesome – Valhalla Vlog Monday’s are awesome right? Okay well most people don’t think such and that’s why Marc decided to make Monday Mornings a routine dance session to spread some positive vibes to kick off the work week! Enjoy this video of him dancing like nobody is watching!


A huge part as to why the Valhalla Movement exists today is due to a mutual feeling we all have inside us! This ever growing – never fully suppressed feeling that we need to reconnect to the world around us! Do you know what I’m talking about? Do you feel it too? What we at Valhalla propose is …

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Reaching 9.3

As the winds swirl and the earth shakes – The story unfolds – Do you have what it takes? This quest isn’t conquered with highs and lows – But with a steady climb – past every foe – What we search for lies within – One must unleash it –  Let it wear thin – …

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