Reaching 9.3

As the winds swirl and the earth shakes –
The story unfolds – Do you have what it takes?
This quest isn’t conquered with highs and lows –
But with a steady climb – past every foe –
What we search for lies within –
One must unleash it –  Let it wear thin –
Life is lived in the mirror – Happy is a lifestyle –
Just be it – remember chasing highs is futile –

The steady consistent rise is what we shall seek –
A climb to our own top – it’s always unique –
Open minds – our eyes on the prize –
Don’t be distracted by others – they’re only selling lies –
Run through the finish line – not simply to it –
Always trust your instinct – go about as you see fit –
There is no wrong – only true and true exists –
As “I feel therefore it is to me” will always persist –

Change YOUR status quo – step don’t speak –
Let your actions do the talking –  do such and you shall peak –
No room for doubt – chase after your calling –
To rise one must shed the fear of falling –
Success is measured by one’s own scale – why not follow your own dreams?
Knowledge is power – let it flow in from all streams
The clock is ticking – so please excuse me
One foot infront of the other – today I reach 9.3

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