lol! once again I find myself writing this micro-blog in the wee bit hours of the morning – a late entry – unfortunately.

I imagine eventually this will become routine for me and I will get in the habit of submitting on time… or perhaps not.

Maybe the destiny of my entries are designed to align their entry date-and-time with the positions of the moon and stars?

maybe my entries (and the entries of my partners-in-crime) are all meticulously designed by some grand machine/devine/force with the purpose of powering our community to one day tackle the big bosses of our future.

…maybe those bosses exist within us

Or better yet, maybe the grand force which designs the plans to the hero’s journey is within us!

It’s 1:40am, I think I’ll sauté some mushrooms tomorrow, i work at the bank at noon so I’ll try to give the kitchen a clean before- but right now -if you’ll excuse me- I suddenly feel the urge to search within myself

happy meditations!

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