The All important \ First step

Every great leader of this world, has come to the same conclusion…

no one can lead another, for they are led by a divine force that dwells within.

all you can do is empower them, and ounce empowered, they will band WITH a leader, for a noble cause.


likewise, no man can save another.  that is a task for the individual alone.


so i PRESENT to you, your task…

save yourself!

















—————————————— the veil ——————————————————-


Make sure to keep your wits about you.

To save yourself you’re going to need to be mindful, of the universe reaching out to help.


Rest assured in every hero’s journey, the hero always manages to find the wise man that bestows the tools necessary, for the journey ahead.


i am that wise man.

and if you scrolled down to this text…..then i guess that makes you the hero.



hope all is well.  we have much to discuss, all in due time, of course.

what is of importance right now, is that i get you up and going. the adventure that is before you, may feel like a daunting one at times, but i assure you, many have succeeded. i promise you, that if you try with all your HEART, you too, will reach the mountain top, you too, will know the power that dwells inside.

i do not wish to burden you with too many tools at this given moment. they are all very powerful, and each deserves its own post. out of respect, i will only reveal the initial tool. the one which will empower the ones to come.

tool #1 – documentation of the story

find a book with blank pages.

any size will do, but its condition and appearance should stand out to you. it needs to be as special and individualized as you are. this will act as a talisman, powered by your intent, this book will tell the tale of your life, it will hold the secrets to your salvation. so make it look the part.

for you see, this will be your journal.

with this tool, you will begin to notice the signs the universe is laying out before you. it will drastically improve your ability to diagnose bad habits, and radically change the way you treat others and yourself.

the journal is the first step, but is a profound one. this step symbolizes that you have agreed to take part, that you are willing to try to gain control of your ship……and sail west, towards the setting sun.







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