Bucket List 2013 – 5 Tips to Realizing Your Resolutions

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As the new year rings in it is no surprise that this is a time where many people look to instill change in their lives!

January – the month of diets, gym sign ups, calendar sales and sticking a patch on your arm!

But let’s face it how many people make empty promises and unrealistic resolutions and rules for themselves? How many people will really stick to these loosely made promises?

Thus it is with the intent to see you all succeed at your new years resolutions that I have put together a list of 5 tips to help you realize your desires for 2013.

1 – Positive Thinking


The first step to being successful lies in belief. This might seem obvious to most but when it comes to new years resolutions it isn’t uncommon to loosely throw around some changes people want to make and in many ways immediately not believe it will be doable or that it will be extremely tough – which is pinning yourself in a corner to begin with. Instead try being really positive about the entire process – don’t treat your resolutions as chores but more so as achievable and fun tasks that you actually want to partake in. Wear a smile and do it because you want to as oppose to frown and doing things because you have to.

2 – Be Realistic & Specific

The best way to achieve something is to be realistic about whether or not you will actually put in the effort that it takes to achieve it! Be honest with yourself! Also be specific – its not enough to say I’m going to lose weight – or eat healthier – these resolutions are way to general and bound to fail – specify your targets and you are much more likely to succeed.

Also this is not to say don’t aim high as in fact:

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3 – Stay Organized, Accountable & Reward Success*

(Let’s give you reason to use that calendar!)

Once you’ve made specific targets to achieve one of the best things to do is write them down – make a tentative schedule as to how you plan on achieving them and make sure you stay accountable to them. You can commission a coach – be it a friend, personal trainer, or life coach to help make sure you stay on track. A good strategy is to even have them be a partner in crime as achieving together is a great way to stay accountable and organized and keep motivated!

Keep in mind that incentive is the greatest motivator in the world! If you put a little carrot on the end of a stick that reward your success (and don’t be shy to go big) you will see results climb. Also keep in mind incentives don’t only need to be associated to final goals – you can break down your final target into smaller increments which will help make the ends a series of smaller steps instead of giant leaps. For example: getting in shape or losing a certain amount of weight can be broken down into weekly or monthly targets which will help make it all feel more manageable and can be various points or rewards!

4 – Make Goals Not Rules

A wise Valhalla member who goes by the name of Germ always says – Make goals not rules!

He couldn’t be more right! You’re much more likely to achieve the results you desire by setting goals then setting limitations! Keep the other tips in mind and make things happen by setting the bar and jumping over it! Motivation stems from confidence and confidence is built up with goals and torn down by rules and barriers.

Without a goal

5 – DO IT!

The #1 tip to making your resolutions be reality is: ACTUALLY DOING THEM!

No excuses as remember you are only cheating yourself in the end if you don’t!

Truly wishing to see you put the “I” in achieve in 2013.

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*If you’re interested in making a list like this and need help or someone to keep you accountable – Contact me here for details

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