5 Quick Tips to Being More Productive (& Getting Sh!t Done)

Having lived through one of the most unproductive weekends I have had in a long while I must say as nice as it was to relax and tone down the pace at which I live life – the truth is I’m obsessed with productivity!

I bet I am not alone in such – are you obsessed with productivity too?

Nothing gives me quite the same satisfaction as getting something I set out to do done & hence my involvement in larger projects like Valhalla but the reality is that every large project is put together by a series of smaller tasks of which we would all like to be more productive at!

Now although my biggest tip for being more productive would always be to do things you love the unfortunate reality is sometimes we just need to strap on our boots and get to work on things we aren’t so naturally enthusiastic about!

So without blabbing any further here are the 5 quick and easy tips to being more productive and getting sh!t done!

I – Plan to Start!

The first step in being productive is setting aside the time and place to do such! This sounds silly but we often put off work we dont want to do or are struggling to get done by pushing this loose timeframe we have for it further and further back on our priorities list when in reality we must prioritize in order to be productive. It’s simple – set that time and place and stick to it! Get it done when you set out to get it done – I promise there is nothing more satisfying!

P.S. It also helps to plan other work aids such as things like the music you will be listening to if you work with music – so that you don’t have to switch windows on your computer screen to change the song for example!

II – Take Aim

One thing we often forget about when working on a task is what our actual goal we wish to achieve is! The best way to go about any task big or small is to set proper goals to accomplish. If you want to be more productive setting realistic goals and thresholds you must reach or surpass in the allotted timeframe you are giving yourself to work on the task. By doing such you are setting the bar at which you must jump over to feel satisfied with your productivity levels as well as determining how long the race you are going to “run” is going to be. Sometimes we can “run” much longer and stay much more focused when we have a destination in mind then when we run for the sake of running….

Keywords: “Realistic goals” work best – but don’t be afraid to set the bar high! 

III – “You are a Product of Your Environment”

If this proverb of being a product of your environment has any merit it is definitely proved in productivity. If you work in a cluttered space – with things scattered all over the place – your mind will also manifest scattered thoughts while you work. It’s safe to say that if you retain focus you will be more productive and if your in a clean organized environment to work with little to no distractions such will help! So take 5 minutes to clean up around you and you will likely save many more precious minutes in getting your work done faster and more effectively!

IV – Stay the Course!

The biggest hindrance to productivity is distraction! With a high paced world that we live in today – there is no shortage of distractions from Facebook – to your cellphone , to taking snack breaks or refilling that coffee cup but the truth is these “breaks” do more then help us relax! They break the work flow we were enjoying at the time or are just excuses to delay the work we should be doing! If you want to stay productive make sure to stay focused for short burst of time where you do NOTHING (and I mean nothing) other then the task at hand! 

I personally found this worked best for me after I purchased a Hour Glass which I use as my timer for staying focused on one task (in fact it’s spilling sand right now so that I stayed focused enough to write this) I began what I call “Power Hour” sessions where the time it takes for the hour glass to stop flowing is the allotted time I must stay zoned in on the task at hand! If I finish it before the sand runs out so be it – you will be surprised how little time work can actually take you when you stay focused!

V – Finish What You Start & Enjoy the Prize!

Last but definitely not least is actually finishing the work you set out to accomplish but also remember to reward yourself!!! There isn’t much that is more motivating then incentive – and if you promise yourself the right reward for stepping up your productivity and getting sh!t done then you will harness the power that incentives yield! It seems silly but rewards can be anything from taking the rest of the day off to buying yourself a specialty coffee at Starbucks – whatever floats your boat!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have lots of productive work to do and chances are you do too – Let’s get to it!!!

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Also we would love to hear from you as well – What tips and tricks would you guys add to this list? Did these work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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