Yesterday You Said Tomorrow – 10000 Ab Crunch Challenge

Becoming a superhero is a common theme we speak a lot about here at Valhalla and it’s something I take EXTREMELY seriously and personally!

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have spent the better part of my life always looking to learn new skills – improve upon the man I was yesterday and be at the top of my game every single day! Now I do slip and fall – but such is a beautiful part of our paths as every path has its puddles – icy patches and stretches where you run like hell – its predators and of course its shackles!

I wont go into what some of these would be on my path other then one of my shackles which has been a nagging presence in my ears for as long as I can remember – the 6 pack!!

Let’s face it we all want and strive to be in shape and I feel that I meet such a vague standard but this month I have decided that that nagging voice is going to get a taste of my will power and discipline – I’m going to show it who runs these parts of my cranium once and for all!

Thus I have designed a challenge for myself with a very clear goal – no rules as I would have done in the past (thanks to Germ for the wise words on that one) – the goal is simple – I WILL be rocking the best possible set of abs my body will allow coming into 2013!

Ya that’s right I said it – the world ain’t going to end on the 21st and I will evolve physically to being one step closer to my ideal Superhero self: Rusty! (I’ll go into the meaning of the name one day in the future but for now it can remain a topic of debate)

The challenge is simple – there are 31 days in the month of December and I have all 31 days to complete a minimum of 10,000 ab crunches – which averages out to 323 a day! I won’t just be doing “crunches” but doing any lactic acid spewing – makes you want to die – has you screaming uncle – ab exercises!

This idea stems from the concept of “10k hours” which theorizes that if someone does 10,000 hours of anything that they become a leading expert in such a field! So because my logic is a little “cray” I believe that if I do 10,000 ab crunches in a month that I will propel myself to my goal!

All said and done – it’s time to stop talking and start crunching – feel free to join the 10k Ab Crunch Challenge yourself – and remember:

4 thoughts on “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow – 10000 Ab Crunch Challenge”

  1. I would also recommend doing the “plank” which is just holding yourself in a pushup position but on your elbows. It works out the inner core muscles.

    What Logic said is right about the body fat, but you still need the muscle too. No good having really defined, yet puny, abs right?

    Anyway, good luck with that!

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