Dear Universe

Am I getting old?

Amidst many things my parents and I disagree on, one topic was recently brought up that took total control of my spirit and created -what I could tell was- a very personal argument; the “upbringing” of my younger (15yr old) sister.

For me, it wasn’t until I was 20 that I found the will to listen to my heart and disobey my parents so that I can travel half way across the world to take my first big steps towards following my Personal Legend (also known as following the heart).

Before then, my upbringing -like most- consisted of promises that true success hid under the veil of university degrees, which directed one to secure & respectable jobs. Needless to say, this is not a fulfilling journey; it doesn’t include taking risks, understanding the universe, going out of your comfort zone, finding true purpose or creating beauty!

Don’t get me wrong the education system isn’t entirely bad. I’ve met many peers who’s hearts genuinely brought them to follow the school-path, but holy crap have I met a shit-load of people who wanted to get the fu*% out – and so on that note… why is that? what exactly is that feeling students get which manifests them to act out, and truthfully speak things like

“I hate this”, “I will never use this”, “fu*% my life”, “kill me now”, “shoot me”, “this is SO boring” etc etc about school  ?    !    ?

I think it’s because their hearts are sad/angry/crying and genuinely upset that they weren’t listened to and/or are being ignored… Which brings me back to my parents (sry about that).

Please, let her listen to her heart ~ doing otherwise does not create happiness! (<–why isn’t that obvious lol ?)

Stop making it sound like School is an imperative pillar to success in life.

Stop making it sound like taking risks are bad ideas!

and defintely STOP talking about money like it makes the world go ’round.

Uuuugh, I’ve realized that I shouldn’t be worrying though, because that wouldn’t make me much better than them. I trust my sister to make conscious choices in life, and not fear-driven choices. Eventually she will not look for validation from others but rather realize that she is already strong, smart, beautiful and a loving person that can change the world around her into a better place.

I trust and love her – and thats all that matters

We are told two things very frequently when we grow up

“We can be anything we want when we’re older” and “We are the future”

It’s time to stop the hypocrisy!

Universe, I sit here in lotus prepared with the intent necessary to push the forces of your existence to rid all the parents in the world of the fears they have. Do not allow them to project these fears onto their children so that their children can have the space and peace they need to find out who they truly are and what beauty god put them here to create.


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