Oh Lord

oh lord,  i was ounce floored, gored by the hands of my own sword.

blown n dethrone, bored, fate i disowned, thrown for a reward

groan alone, headed towards the unknown

spiritually overthrown, broken back bone, clone of another drone

until i was shown, hone to produce the philosopher’s stone

grown to atone, oh, lord, i implored, please restore my throne

no dial tone, flown to answer the call. enthrall, watching divinity befall

all in all, redeemed, merging the supreme dream team,

flowing with the light beings, sun beams in the bloodstream.

pressure ignite, incite my birth rite,

juices head upright, reunite to the hieshtest of heights

in flight i soared,restored, brought the serpent aboard

oh lord, now, you can’t never be ignored,

forever adored, explored, stored in the spinal cord

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