Solar Powering Valhalla Montreal

Our sustainable learning center in Montreal needs power! Irrigation pumps, aquaponics systems and power tools require more juice than our single solar panel can provide. So we’ve created a comprehensive energy plan with solar panel charge stations placed strategically around our land. The energy from these stations will serve 3 primary functions: Powering tools used …

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4 Reasons Why Solar is the Future of Energy

1) Unlimited potential for energy  In 88 minutes, the sun provides 470 exajoules of energy, as much energy as humanity consumes in a year. In 112 hours – less than five days – it provides 36 zettajoules of energy – as much energy as is contained in all proven reserves of oil, coal, and natural …

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The Valhalla Movement, Montreal’s new self-sustainable community

Montreal, December 23rd 2012 – The Valhalla movement plans the construction of a 100% self-sustainable community near Montreal. Beginning in spring, the movement will record and share all the steps accomplished to build earthships; an environmentally friendly type of house made of natural and recycled materials.

5 Amazing Community Initatives From Around The World

Our world is changing rapidly, and some of the most exciting are being seen in the spaces in which we live together. There are some very ambitious groups around the world seeking to completely redefine how we live in communities. These movements are extremely exciting because changing such a basic element of our society will …

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Not Your Typical New Years Article

While your feeds and inboxes are being flooded with articles about new years resolutions, take a quick moment to reflect on 2012. Can you remember where you were in life at this time last year? What has changed since then? How have you changed? Chances are your world has shifted in ways that you never …

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Simple Ways to Become More Sustainable NOW

**This blog was originally posted on ZeroWasteHome. It is an excellent resource for ways to become more sustainable no matter where you live. ** Before you start: Arm yourself with a reusable water bottle, a couple grocery totes, a few cloth bags and reusable jars and bottles. Get your 4Rs right. Refuse-Reduce-Reuse… Recycle only as …

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A Quick Notes On the Nature of Happiness

I came across a quote the other week that explains happiness in a profound way: Happiness does not come from a state, but from a change of state. That it is so is illustrated by the total failure of every writer to describe a satisfactory paradise, whether in heaven or on earth. The tedium of …

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A Day of Service To Others

Helping others feels good great FUCKING AWESOME. Plus it opens you up to all sorts of opportunities to receive help back in the future. Call it karma or just plain old logic — helping people helps YOU. So why don’t we do it more often? And without any qualms? This is why I’ve decided to …

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Why Rabbit?

Most of you probably know me as Jordan Lejuwaan. But here at Valhalla, people call me Rabbit. Many indigenous cultures considered it normal to change your name at major turning points in life. The name change would symbolize a personal transformation, making the old name no longer applicable. I think this is an extremely powerful …

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Lessons for Building a Co-operative Movement

** The following is an excerpt from a GEO Interview with John Curl by Michael Johnson. John explains perfectly why movements like Valhalla have the power to change the world, and what that will look like. It’s long but well worth the read!** Pm Press has released a second edition of John Curl’s 550 page history …

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My Ultimate Vision for Valhalla

My true dream for Valhalla is something that isn’t touched upon on this website. That’s because we felt this particular dream might be too much to swallow on top of an already revolutionary idea. Nonetheless, here it is… I imagine Valhalla being a community of people who spend 100% of their time on projects aimed …

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30 Days of Fear

Since I first came to Montreal back on August first, I’ve done a lot things for the first time. Bungie jumping, talking on the radio, facing ego-death on mushrooms, daily yoga, etc. It’s been an explosive 3 months for learning and living. In our attempts to transform the world, we’re transforming ourselves even more rapidly …

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Valhalla Vlog – Global Interview Promo

www.valhallamovement.com Many have longed for more and more updates coming out of the Valhalla Movement and thus we are proud to announce the launch of the Valhalla Vlog – which will allow anyone and everyone to be able to keep posted on the progress going on within the Movement!