My Ultimate Vision for Valhalla

My true dream for Valhalla is something that isn’t touched upon on this website. That’s because we felt this particular dream might be too much to swallow on top of an already revolutionary idea. Nonetheless, here it is…

I imagine Valhalla being a community of people who spend 100% of their time on projects aimed at changing the world. Think of dozens of people working on projects at the scale of the Valhalla Movement, WITHIN the Valhalla community. With the large variety of passions and skills within the community (eg. web design, marketing, public speaking, videography, music production, etc.), we will accomplish fantastic things in a fraction of the time it would take others. A group of passionate, driven individuals living and breathing their project together is a powerful thing. I know because Valhalla is exactly that right now.

Now imagine having a giant network of Valhallian communities all doing the same thing. A network of ‘change hubs’.

Oo chills :)

Change is coming.


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