4 Reasons Why Solar is the Future of Energy

1) Unlimited potential for energy


 In 88 minutes, the sun provides 470 exajoules of energy, as much energy as humanity consumes in a year. In 112 hours – less than five days – it provides 36 zettajoules of energy – as much energy as is contained in all proven reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas on this planet.

If humanity could capture one tenth of one percent of the solar energy striking the earth – one part in one thousand – we would have access to six times as much energy as we consume in all forms today, with almost no greenhouse gas emissions. At the current rate of energy consumption increase – about 1 percent per year – we will not be using that much energy for another 180 years.

Source: ScientificAmerican

2) Cost is dropping and efficiency is increasing exponentially


3) Solar panel printers are coming soon

Scientists from Australia have been able to print paper-thin solar panels using ordinary printing techniques and semiconducting inks.

“We’re using the same techniques that you would use if you were screen printing an image on to a T-Shirt.”

Dr David Jones

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.18.05 PM

5) Even oil producers are jumping on board

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, two of the largest oil-producing countries in the world, have recently announced a plan to add 1,000 megawatts of solar capacity. Even those who benefit most from fossil fuel reliance recognize the promising future (and profitability) of solar energy. Oil reserves can only last so long until a new market emerges.


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