Top 10 Pain Killer Plants

These are the plants that have been useful to me in moments when I needed to be relieved of a pain. There are probably other plants that are not mentioned here, but this is something to get you started.  The rest is for you to discover. I have made this list also based on the fact that they can be found locally. Try them out, see which ones work best for you!


The inner bark of this plant made into an infusion is very soothing for headaches and muscle aches. It also acts as a natural asperin. Inner bark must not be taken off the main trunk or it will damage the tree.

St. Johnʼs wort


Incredible St. John’s Wort. The infused oil has been used to ease muscle aches and pains, stiff necks and shoulders, swollen joints, and also aids with pains caused by arthritis and rheumatism. ** Do NOT consume St. John’s wort if you are on any prescription drugs, especially not when on MAO-inhibiting antidepressant drugs. It may be a hazard to your health. 


cannibusCannabis, whether drank, eaten or smoked is good for muscles aches and joint pains. * well um, its uh… illegal?… !>@??!



This mineral rich tonic is helps to relieve pain and promote a deep relaxing sleep. Watch out though, it is also a sedative!



The scent of this plant is plain relieving, sleep-inducing, nerve-soothing and antidepressant.

Oat Straw


For acute pain, an infusion of oat straw is used as a wash, or the moist and warmed herb can be applied directly as a poultice.


cayenneCayenne interferes with the action of a chemical in the peripheral nerves that sends messages to the brain, meaning your perception of pain decreases rendering it to be much more manageable. Thus a compress of cayenne works well to ease chronic pain, especially those from shingles, arthritis, rheumatism, and burning foot syndrome.



Fenugreek eases the pain of child birth, ease menstrual pain, cramps from diarrhea,eases labor pains.



Ginger tea helps to relieve pain, especially of soar throats.



A steady consumption of nettle infusion is really soothing for aches and pain,

especially in the joints.



The roots can be made into a poultice to relieve chest pains, and can be

drank in an infusion for stomach pains and heartburn. It also helps relieve menstrual



Skullcap is an awesome pain killer, especially for head aches and migraines. I read that if you take 10 drops of skullcap tincture and 20 drops of st. johnʼs wort tincture every ten minutes for up to one hour it will keep a migraine headache at bay.


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