Why Rabbit?

Most of you probably know me as Jordan Lejuwaan. But here at Valhalla, people call me Rabbit.

Many indigenous cultures considered it normal to change your name at major turning points in life. The name change would symbolize a personal transformation, making the old name no longer applicable. I think this is an extremely powerful way to implement change in your life. You are more than your new habits and tendencies: you are a new person.

Why ‘Rabbit’?

The meaning comes from a mixture of The Matrix and Alice in Wonderland.

In The Matrix, Neo is instructed to ‘Follow the white rabbit’, which immediately shows itself in the form of a tattoo on a woman’s shoulder. He goes with her to a club, which begins his hero’s journey into discovering what the Matrix, meeting Morpheus and ultimately being unplugged.

The theme is the same in Alice in Wonderland where following the white rabbit jumpstarts Alice’s journey into Wonderland. The rabbit is the symbol for what draws a person towards jumping into the unknown.

I  seek to be the white rabbit for others. The temptress whose tail you just see disappear around the corner, luring your towards making the big leap into a new life. Doing something ‘irrational’ and hurling yourself into a new life is scary! But slightly less scary if you have someone to chase after…

My tattoo:


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