Marthad Nasralla

Can Celebrity Voices Create Mass Environmental Awareness

Call Me Reminiscent I like to be reminded of how connected we are to all the particular systems and organisms whom we share the planet with. So I recently returned to an old channel called to admire Hi-Def scenes of this blue rock we call Earth. Helping in the build-up of admiration for our irrefutable symbiosis with air, oceans, rainforest, coral reef, etc. …

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Young Bloggers Become Guerrilla Gardening Gangsters

Guerrilla Gardening : The act of impromptu gardening in public spaces for the purpose of beautifying our community. /ɡəˈrilə ˈɡärd(ə)niNG / In this video stars our two phenomenal Web Developers and Coders, Greg and Jordan. The Shady character is Marty, our Networking Specialist and behind the cameras are Germ, Marc and yours truly. This video has been sleeping in …

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6 Guidelines to Start a Successful Community / Ecovillage

Before we experienced living communally at Valhalla, we had a very strong idea of what being in community “should” mean and a lot of expectations of what the experience would be. Since we all shared similar values and goals, we didn’t expect much conflict within the group and thought our project would be moving forward …

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