Can Celebrity Voices Create Mass Environmental Awareness

Call Me Reminiscent

I like to be reminded of how connected we are to all the particular systems and organisms whom we share the planet with. So I recently returned to an old channel called to admire Hi-Def scenes of this blue rock we call Earth.

Helping in the build-up of admiration for our irrefutable symbiosis with air, oceans, rainforest, coral reef, etc. where the voices of recognizable Hollywood stars. It seems to have worked. The producers, Conservation International grew their social clout through the roof since the launch of this celebrity driven campaign. As common a message can be, as overheard it can sound; the fact that it was said with vigour by childhood protagonists compelled me to continue doing my part in guiding this planetary spaceship in the direction of compassion.

The participation to coexistence with all the elements of this planet is the participation in evolution.

Do you ever feel like you’re in a feature length film? Mine is called “Lawrence’s Life”. It mostly consists of me, Lawrence, waking up every morning, typing a little text, sharing a little content and loving a lot’a stuff. See, I know (and accept) that I watch Hollywood movies because they portray character traits we inherit as humans. I see myself in their characters and how they adapt and persevere to evolve and/or become extinct in their environments. We live vicariously through them, this is why we are compelled to observe their motion-picture adventures.

But what if we made our adventure as compelling as theirs?

Nature Is Speaking To You, Bro

Saying: “I hurt and there are too few of you giving a shit about my condition. I can eradicate your species faster than you can say iPhone 6.”

How Will You Respond?

Donate, share, recycle, consume less, pledge to techno-shuffle in front of City Hall until someone cuts the power on big oil – oh, sorry I hope you weren’t really expecting an answer. Because only you can find the answer, it sorta comes in the form of an effervescent source of life that will change forever the way you live. It helped me when the little guy, Gandhi, wrote about making your life your message. Make your life your message.

Valhalla now,

is breathing for 4 years and counting. Growing a tribe of globetrotting storytellers out to proliferate freedom culture with a coupled adoration for our environment. We have helped many campaigns and movements grow phenomenally well and have come to realize that in order to stay creative, inspired and hopeful; traveling to sacred spaces has always refuelled this human-machine. So we decided to bring you on our next adventure in the lush jungle of Vilcabamba, Ecuador for a 2-week retreat where we pass on all the secrets and knowledge to creating quality digital movements while living in a holistic environment. If you are interested I’m going to give out my personal email right here so we can get to know you and evaluate your candidacy for our 8 student spots.

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