Young Bloggers Become Guerrilla Gardening Gangsters

Guerrilla Gardening : The act of impromptu gardening in public spaces for the purpose of beautifying our community.

/ɡəˈrilə ˈɡärd(ə)niNG /

In this video stars our two phenomenal Web Developers and Coders, Greg and Jordan. The Shady character is Marty, our Networking Specialist and behind the cameras are Germ, Marc and yours truly. This video has been sleeping in the archives of youtube for about two years now and it’s time to pull it out and give it the glory it deserves. There are several spaces in nature that are divine and breathtaking on their own, they should remain and not be manipulated. However; there are some spaces that deserve human intervention, like a public park with no fruit trees.



Of the 3 trees we planted, 2 were decommissioned. One plum tree remains strong and taller than we could have hoped for. It will be fruiting this fall. – Mission Accomplished.

Let us know if this content inspires you to greenify, beautify and smartify your community in the comments below.


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