Growing Hope

 Valhalla Montreal is looking to transform a 60 acre piece of land into an organic permaculture paradise.

However the truth is we have only began work on a 5 acre piece & there are still 30 acres of GMO corn and soya on rotation that have been rented under contract to a local farmer for the last 3 years. We don’t blame the farmer in any way for his choice of crops – as the truth is this has been the only real crop accessible to him which he could grow on such massive scales and still afford to put food on his family’s table (in all irony).

The Problem

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Corn & Soy are the most consumed produce in America, together they are grown on over 148,000,000 acres of land & ALL of that is constantly sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides which evaporate into the air, absorb into our water tables and into our bodies when we consume the vast quantities of soy/corn based products.

Times are changing and Valhalla now has the opportunity to grow one of the world’s most controversial yet beneficial plants on the planet.

GMO & Pesticide companies are probably trying their best to figure out a solution… but in the meantime there is hope for Now, and it starts with “H”.

Why hemp?

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Hemp cultivation requires all the same equipment as Corn & Soya production.

Hemp needs no pesticides to grow productively and in abundance.

Hemp can be a replacement for virtually all uses of corn & soya & most importantly… No Chemical Pesticides!

The transition for farmers can be as easy as blinking:

“Hey farmer! Would you like to grow a crop that will require less work, less money and rehabilitate your spongy intoxicated land at the same time?”

That’s literally what we told the farmer at Valhalla Montreal.

Our Job + Your Help

We need $8,000 to purchase the Government-Approved Seeds to make the switch.

  • $6,000 will subsidize a forth of the costs of a 30acre rehabilitation plan.
    • cost of seeds, equipment & harvesting labour
  • $1,000 will subsidize 3 free workshops for the public to help You perpetuate your Hemp campaign/movement.
    • Include pick-up service from Downtown Montreal
    • cost of seeds, equipment & harvesting labour
  • $1,000 will subsidize 3 free tours were people can come and appreciate walking through a totally organic hemp wonderland.
    • Include pick-up service from Downtown Montreal

But we’re not going to stop there – of course, as Valhalla does best, we’re going to talk about it, and talk about it, and talk about it,  and talk about it… Until communities from every agricultural corner of the globe begin to shift away from senseless pesticide spraying and towards healthy organic solutions.

This leads us to documenting the entire process of converting our GMO fields to Hemp via photo and videos, as well as gain as much press and provide as many open doors to the public as possible.

It is our duty to spread stories that enable others to find solutions in building the world we know is possible in our hearts.

We have seen first hand the work that hemp has done to restore the soil in just one growing season and we are super excited to see it happen on our land & lands in need globally.




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