EBOLA: An Article Directed At Inspiring You

Ebola is a disease caused by an ebolavirus. Symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and headaches. Without treatment -typically- vomiting, diarrhea, and rash follow, along with decreased function of the liver & kidneys. The virus is acquired upon contact with blood or bodily fluids of an infected human or other animal.(3)

I read a diary entry of Pierre Trbovic working with MSF in Monrovia, Liberia. The words he shared literally brought me to tears & brought me to sit here and extend my broken heart, some useful facts and a solution step – just for you.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been hearing LOTS of talk about this virus; people talking about being careful, afraid and talking in a sort of “Can you believe this?” tone. Surely, this kind of attitude is not what will get us to creating the World We Know Is Possible In Our Hearts

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Gandhij

curing & containing Ebola is not difficult.

A Doctors Without Borders staffer supervises as construction workers complete the new Ebola treatment center on August 17, 2014 near Monrovia, Liberia.
A Doctors Without Borders staffer supervises as construction workers complete the new Ebola treatment center on August 17, 2014 near Monrovia, Liberia.

We know exactly what is necessary! Deaths from this virus are happening at alarming rates not because it is some savage Life Sucking Leech. They are happening because the medical resources in the countries affected are below the requirement for containing such an outbreak. (2)

…given the mounting caseload and the failure of the international community to launch the sort of massive, coordinated response that’s needed to prevent more misery, teams have been forced into the brutal position of having to turn away patients who clearly need care.                                                                                                                         -DOCTORS WITHOUT BOARDERS

It has been shown that fatality rates drastically change when countries receive faster & more fulfilling responses. (1) Understand that in countries were most families share beds and have little access to clean water, turning away patients means that their families will take it upon themselves to care for their sick ones, with no modern hygiene methods like showers and sinks. Eventually everyone contracts the virus themselves and become useless to care for anyone.

Do you see how this can get out of hand?

Once I entered the high-risk zone, I understood why we couldn’t admit any more patients. Everyone was completely overwhelmed. There are processes and procedures in an Ebola treatment center to keep everyone safe, and if people don’t have time to follow them, they can start making mistakes…

…it is a lot of work to keep the tents clean of human excrement, blood, and vomit, and to remove the dead bodies.

Pierre Trbovic, MSF Worker

Typing “Ebola” into google gives a wealth of fear-mongering news. Headlines read “Close Boarders”, “Stop Airports”, “Infected American/European Found!”.

The information being pushed is violent and the networks that disseminate the information in a way that Separates us from our brothers and sisters in need of help are actually encouraging the fatality rate. If we close their borders and airports then we place yet another obstacle in the way of solving this epidemic; blocking access to the resources they need.

So, lets rectify this tragedy


Providing the resources to the individuals willing to leave their homes and go to West Africa is key. Doctors Without Borders have been there from the very beginning. They are literally sending patients home because they do not have enough cash-flow – they are the healers, lets encourage them to continue their efforts.


Ignore fear-mongering news. Turn off the TV. Refuse to perpetuate any fear-based conversations. Like & Share This Article.


Remember that for every World Catastrophe we hear about, the universe is throwing an opportunity our way. Don’t think of it as an opportunity to help or do charity, think of it as an opportunity to Evolve. Humans evolve by way of collaborating which excels through feelings of empathy and compassion toward one another. Extending your scope of Caring to reach those thousands of miles away benefits the whole world.

We are all here for all of us.


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  1. I have nothing wrong with being engaged, but I do have a problem with false assurances and “information” which is disinformation. An assertion that ebola is easily resolvable so long as there are enough medical resources is completely and utterly false information and is exactly what can lead to a serious outbreak from this virus. This articicle should be modified or taken down. Not only are scientists unclear what exactly is aiding this virus to go from person to person when for all intents and purposes some who have contracted it have been haz-mat geared up the wazoo. Yes, even the wazoo was covered. Medical doctors — who should know what they are doing, are coming home and risking our entire society, by failing to be aware that they themselves are carrying the virus. So don’t preach that all we have to do is send more people to ebola hot zones. Figure out what it takes to keep someone safe who IS in a hot zone; and I will be convinced it is safe to send more people who are not sick into regions where people are sick.

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