Plantain; Weed or Power Plant?

It’s pretty important to have allies in ones life, they help you wherever you go and can always be trusted on to lend you their skills.  The plant kingdom offers many allies to humanity, and some of them so powerful, they have earned the title of ‘Power Plant’.

Plantago major //

Broad Leaf Plantain


Plantago major is one of the most abundant and widely distributed medicinal crops in the world. Originating in Europe and Central Asia the plant’s seeds get carried to new destinations by getting stuck to travellers feet.  Humans have managed to bring this wonderful plant to every corner of the world. Now-a-days this plant is quickly written off as a ‘weed’ by the uninitiated, but those with the eyes to see notice that a powerful ally is in abundance all around, eager to help out and a moments notice.

Plantain Common Weed or Everyday Hero?

plantago-majorSo let’s take a look at what it can do. Plantain is edible raw or cooked and is a great source of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.magnesium and vitamin K. Foliage is also rich in minerals and mono unsaturated fatty acids. The herb has a long history of medicinal use dating back to ancient times. Some cultures used it for nearly every malady. One American Indian name for plantain translates to “life medicine.” Indians also called it “white-man’s foot” since they discovered plantain everywhere settlers had been.

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This herb does all this and can be used completely.

The roots, leaves, flowers and seeds can be used internally or externally.

Find It / Use It


400px-Plantago_major_Sturm59So next time your your walking down the side walk, take a look at your feet you might be pleasantly surprised to see Plantain staring back up at you. Remember it’s there for a reason, so reach down and give Plantago major a much deserved try.

Its rather easy to identify in its flowering stage, it has a distinguishable flower stack that stands out on lawns and in parks. The leaves are attached to a central crown and tough to the touch.

All parts of the plant can be used, so chew some up and either swallow or apply topically. Observe it’s effects on you and discover what way plantain can improve you life.



Message From Germ: Hey hope you enjoyed the many uses of plantain. I think this is a prime example of an overlooked super plant.  This kind of knowledge changes a ‘weed’ to a ‘Power Plant’; and this revelation could have a profound impact our collective future. We need your help in realizing that dream. By simply liking this GreenGold posts you are voting to see more of this in future blogs.


For those with the eyes to see, the world is overflowing with abundance, anxiously waiting for us to take her up on the offer.  This series looks to share some of nature’s mysteries in hope to empower the individual.  The knowledge of the world around us and its infinite gifts is worth more than gold.— This is Green Gold.

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Plantain Weed or Power Plant?


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5 thoughts on “Plantain; Weed or Power Plant?”

    • Hi deedra; depends on your use; if its internal, tincture is the most powerful; the next would be dried and tead. If you plan external use, the best would be to make a salve and get the active ingredients into an oil.

  1. There is another type of plantain that has the same characteristics. Only difference is it has long, thin leaves. Easy to identify both because of the long, straight veins in the leaves. I’ve used it on burns before, worked great. I have a bunch that I dried out. You can grind it into a powder and make a paste out of it too.

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