The Biggest Cleanup In Human History – Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup project was sparked a few years back when teenager, Boyan Slat conceived an A-For-Effort design that went absolutely viral, until those mean online skeptics got hold of hearing it and Boran shared a seat beside Solar Roadways. Have no worries, hope is here. Fortunately the concept was proven absolutely feasible! At Asia’s largest …

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Futuristic Water Bottle Is an Edible Blob of Awesomeness Called Ooho!

Looks like someone has started to create an awesome, cool way to drink water. The future of sustainable water portability is almost here: The Ooho! Water Blob won the Lexus 2014 Design Award

Ooho! Water blog sustainable water portability bottle lexus award Ooho! Water blog sustainable water portability bottle lexus award

When we drink bottled water we throw away plastic, [and] 80% of the bottles are not recycled….. Ooho! uses the culinary technique of sphereification, the water is encapsulated in a double gelatinous membrane. The technique consist into apply sodium alginate (E-401) from the brown algae and calcium chloride (E-509) in a concrete proportions in order to generate a gelification on the exterior of the liquid. The final package is simple, cheap (2ct/unit), resistant, hygienic, biodegradable and even eatable. Ooho! is licensed as creative commons so everyone could make them at their kitchen, modifying and innovating the “recipe.”


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