A Compact, Self-Watering Garden System that’s Powered by Fish!

Lettuce Evolve is an Aquarium-Powered Garden System that allows you to grow tons of fresh food for you and your family, while saving time, space, and money. The system is extremely versatile; it can be used Aquaponically (with fish), Hydroponically (without fish), or simply fill it up with soil and use it as a vertical …

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If You’re Choking And No One Is There To Help, This Simple Trick Could Save Your Life.

It’s a scary scenario: You’re by yourself when and all of a sudden, food becomes lodged in your throat and you begin to choke. The Heimlich maneuver won’t save you – there is no one there to perform it. The terrible situation could prove deadly – but this could save your life.

Colorado paramedic Jeff Rehman shows a simple technique anyone can use to rescue themselves from choking, and save their own life.

I hope to never have to put this to an actual test, but this trick is really valuable to remember. It’s not even that complicated.

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The Soil Will Save Us: A Manifesto For Restoring Our Relationship With The Land

Article originally published on What if we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow enough food to feed our ballooning population using resources we already have? Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us, thinks we can do just that. And like a growing number of scientists, farmers, and good food advocates, she …

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Fruit And Vegetable Storage Reinvented. No More Rotting & Wasting.

Are you sick of throwing away rotten fruits and veggies that were left forgotten in the back of your fridge?

Good news: It doesn’t have to be this way! And the best part is, you don’t even need your fridge.

The Denise is a set of three sections which allows fruits and vegetables to be stored longer without the need of technology or electricity. It is made entirely out of renewable and locally sourced materials.

If we take into account the complete life cycle of food, from the producer to our homes, food waste amounts to about a third of food produced worldwide. (FAO, 2011)

Here’s How It Works

The first section uses sand to naturally preserve the moisture of root vegetables. The tray allows them to be stored vertically, in their original position. This conservation principle is inspired from cellars which our ancestors used to keep vegetables throughout winter.

This section is designed for: Root vegetables such as shallots, celery, beetroots, carrots, leeks etc.

Some fruits and vegetables need to be hydrated daily while others do not tolerate low fridge temperatures. The Denise II is a ceramic bowl fitted with wooden slats that allows for the watering of fruits and vegetables. The collected water brings them the freshness and hydration they need. The bowl can be fixed on a wall, put on the dining room table, or simply left on the kitchen counter.

This section is designed for: Tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, squashes, melons, zucchinis, peppers, apricots, lemons, oranges, kiwis, exotic fruits, peaches, pears, aubergines.

The first compartment of this section is used for potatoes. Right above it is for apples. There is an air exchange between the two, as they have mutual conservation properties. The second compartment is to store garlic, onions, and French shallots.

This section is designed for: Apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, french shallots.

La Denise brings a simple and stylish solution to food waste in homes. By always having your fruits and veggies in sight, you are much less likely to forget about them and let them spoil in your fridge!

Like This Idea?

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future food cricket entomophagy future food

4 Reasons Why This is The Future Food

The future food is┬ácalled Entomophagy; the practice of eating insects – including arachnids and centipedes – and it is becoming popularized with every eco awareness campaign. I’ll explain concisely: It’s Nutritious. More iron than spinach and all 9 amino acids can be found in cricket flour. It looks like we’ve got a superior nutrient rich …

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