The Simplicity of our Marketing/PR

So a thought came to mind the other day when we released some content which was widely viewed and shared accross the friendly -and not so friendly- internet.

The thought which came to me was of Occupy Wall St. and how they must have in many ways started with a similar mindset, perseverance and youth-aspect as us! As the founders made their way to Zuccotti Park on a mission that first day… I’m sure they began to exalt emotions from passer-byers with their thoughts and feelings to the point were they inspired a small community of very active and ambitious individuals.

And so at a certain point in their growth, they became a social entity – one which needed to be acknowledged by non-occupiers as acceptable or unacceptable culture. ~ it is in this idea that I want to explore =)

Organizations take their public figure very seriously, to the point were they paint a pretty picture of something they’re far from being in order to cater to their most lucrative audience. They also go above and beyond to protect their image.

Valhalla is not trying to “fit in” anywhere, lol we’re just trying to live. And while we spend resources marketing our growth & development it is for the sole purpose of potentially inspiring others to do whatever their hearts tell them, furthermore; to show everyone that we’re not much different than you! Because let’s face it, if everyone started doing what they loved, the world would be a much more beautiful place than it already is <3

Valhalla will not condemn – we will never condemn or criticize any social groups with different opinions on how to ride this awesome ride called life! The haters have already begun popping their heads around and I can only embrace them with open arms and a big smile. We love you – we really really do and we are ready to love you some more :D

Valhalla swears to be Transparent about absolutely everything and we will do that by speaking from the heart at all times. We don’t know how to beat around bushes, we only know how to plant them. We have no image to protect because we portray truth which is dynamic and vibrant, something very difficult to describe with slogans, logos and commercials. Nothing speaks louder than truth because it is felt- not understood by the brain through a logical progression to good or purchasable – you can’t use logic to answer why you shouldn’t hurt an animal, you feel it.

We’re not even worried about slur campaigns because we know mainstream can only trick groups for so long until the lack of truth begins to overwhelm the soul/spirit/heart.

If you are concerned about something we would love to adress it in a webinar, Skype meet, or even over some stir-fry. So please – feel free to contact us!

peace and love to all the little babies around the world and to our precious new friend and member, Maximus Dee, who entered the world to share our journey on Saturday January 19th 2:45pm <3

3 thoughts on “The Simplicity of our Marketing/PR”

  1. Well done!! We are what we are. We each live how we live..Thanks for your ideas you have good taste and the common sense to get off the grid..You live with nature and love the creatures great and small. I have been sharing some of your bloggs last night and today as i like your ideas and your way of life.. Apart from money we think alike.. The Truth and a Stir fry is great by me brother..Off the Grid..Love Peace and Unity to all for Our New World!!

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