Translating Valhalla

I’m currently working on getting Valhalla’s website translated to French. Since Valhalla is based in Quebec, under (ridiculous and overbearing) laws we must have a bilingual website. But that’s not why we’re translating it. We’re translating it because this information should transgress the boundaries of language.

We want Valhalla and its information to be available internationally to anyone and everyone. Language, class, income, disability, race, sex, or any other distinguishing factor of humans shouldn’t and won’t be a limiting factor to access knowledge. If you’re human, you should be able to learn and apply what we’re doing.

That being said, it takes resources to do this, some of which we don’t currently have. Many of our members are bilingual in French, so translating Valhalla to that particular language won’t be a problem. However, other languages are a different story.

If you’re fluent and write proficiently in a language other than French and English, and have some spare time on your hands, please contact me to help translate our website! German, Spanish, Icelandic, Martian, whatever you speak, we’re interested.

7 thoughts on “Translating Valhalla”

  1. Isn’t there a automated process for translating. has a language selecte option at the bottom of their page, w/ around 100 languages to select from. I’m pretty sure they’re not manually translating. Btw, love your ideas. My wife and I are going to NY this summer and are trying to make it possible to visit valhallamovement. Would that be possible? Dates aren’t firm yet, but mid-Aug probably.

  2. In my wordpress website I use an automatic translation that I go through and correct after each article.It is a widget called transposh, It allows for anyone to translate in the webpage,without any authorizations, a bit like wikipedia I guess

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