Thank you for your support!

It’s become normal for me to wake up and find out that something amazing and new is happening in Valhalla. The project has a life of its own now and the help we’re getting is incredible. Seriously guys, it’s really appreciated.

Most recently we went to an Earthship conference organized by Quebec Superhero Francis Gendron. There was somewhere around 200 to 250 people excited to hear about Earthships. Francis was even kind enough to give us some time in the front to talk about Valhalla. It’s incredible to see so many people wanting to learn about us and supporting our ideas.

We got approached by so many people who wanted to know more, asking us for information so they can get involved or giving us tips on what to improve. They gave us many energizing words like “Keep it up!”,”Good Job” and “You guys are awesome” which, I’m sure you can imagine, really encouraged us to keep doing what we’re doing.

It doesn’t even stop there, people are coming to our headquarters to see how they can get involved, to share knowledge with us and some are even studying us to see how we’re progressing. We’re even finding  ourselves randomly running into people who tell us they saw some videos, our facebook page or website and wanna hear more. It’s just so crazy!

Great job with all the help everyone and thanks for all the support!!

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  1. Thanks to Francis, I heard from you guys at the conference. Francis is awesome. Earthships are awesome. And I just need to know more about you, but I’m certain that in not too long, I’ll say the same from the Valhalla ^_^
    I’ll say “good continuation” for now, but I’m in! :D

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