Oh Lord

oh lord,  i was ounce floored, gored by the hands of my own sword. blown n dethrone, bored, fate i disowned, thrown for a reward groan alone, headed towards the unknown spiritually overthrown, broken back bone, clone of another drone until i was shown, hone to produce the philosopher’s stone grown to atone, oh, lord, …

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The All important \ First step

Every great leader of this world, has come to the same conclusion… no one can lead another, for they are led by a divine force that dwells within. all you can do is empower them, and ounce empowered, they will band WITH a leader, for a noble cause.   likewise, no man can save another.  …

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Public Service Announcement

Hey Hey you! Ya you! I have something to tell you, Something terribly important about you and your life. You may ask yourself, How would you know anything about me? What could you possibly know of importance, about my life…. Well that’s simple … For you see, my life is no different than yours. We …

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