Public Service Announcement

Hey you!

Ya you!

I have something to tell you,
Something terribly important about you and your life.

You may ask yourself,
How would you know anything about me?
What could you possibly know of importance, about my life….

Well that’s simple …
For you see, my life is no different than yours.

We are both here for our grand adventure!

Your story may differ from mine, but the fact still remains, everyone has a story.
You are here, because of this story, one that you must see through and accomplish.

Do you know which story, I am referring to?
The story which was so clear as a child,
Can become Uncertain at times, Even lost along the way.

But I assure you, you have a story.

A grand hero’s journey,
Where the whole joy lies, in playing your role as hero, day to day

Your story may be unknown to many
Scary to some, Worthless to few
But rest assured, it is rewarding to someone.


This story happens every moment, every instance.
In dreams and while awake.
Although the plot only thickens to those who are aware…

It truly takes the eyes to see, the ears to listen and the heart to feel.
and if you do….

You will come to realize how apparent this story actually is!

Everyday, you encounter new people and opportunities to take you deeper into your story.
The universe will begin to conspires to enthrall you in its twist and turns .

Thrusting you into a new world of being,
One where you spiral to your next chapter
Singing, dancing, laughing, crying, all the way

In this brave new world,
Everyone is important, everything is sacred.

There is no linear time,
Everything moves rhythmically, it’s now less about the end goal
And suddenly, more about the dance that gets you there.

No habit clings to your reality,
As you grow and experience new things constantly.

You are what you were intended to be.


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