It’s been a long and eventful day at my new home! So eventful that I am up in the wee bit hours of the morning, writing this micro-blog last minute because I forgot to do so earlier- You see, every member of the Valhalla Movement has now made a Blood Promise! Every day of the week from Monday to Sunday -LUNES A DOMINGO- we

If there’s one thing I learned while lost in the Peruvian Amazonian with nothing but my 2-inch eco-friendly LED flashlight, a bag of rotten bananas and my best bud….
Passion will make you do crazy things!

So here I am, a Rookie College Dropout chasing what some would call a foolish, career-less dream led by fanatical ideologies. Haha! I couldn’t be happier. I am being the “me” I’d be proud to tell my grandchildren. ~ On a mission to save the world~ is that too big?

I’d frown at the sight of Superman saying no. It’s like- our whole childhood we fantasize about being the superhero in the story. And now that we’re independent adults- we’re experiencing what should be the most exciting part or our lives!

Anyone can be a hero you just have to keep your chin up folks, the opportunities are not always that obvious… or sometimes they are .except. we’re too scared to act because it might jeopardize our sense of security


Everyone calls me “X”, and I’m a Valhalla member, a chef, educator, lover, a cool guy etc etc with just one thing to end with

-the world is not waiting for anyone else but you

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