I Trust You, Do You Trust Me?

I have to say that one of the greatest things about working in the field of Sustainability is the people you meet along the way.

I suppose that once we realize we are innately interconnected with nature, we become Environmentalists. But then the unavoidable fact that we -as humans- are also interconnected is eventually concluded; making us more empathic, generous and collaborative toward one another.

Case In Point:

Valhalla loves the concept of having total transparency between contributing members of an organization. Much like what our brothers and sisters at Sustainable Human are doing (building a totally collaborative structure to manage & create & build on behalf of a common cause). So we simply asked Chris -the founder- for information on a particular aspect of his site and without hesitating he had his web developer e-mail us the straight up code. – Thank You!

The Gift Economy is powerful, as I’m feeling the inescapable urge to want to gift him back.

Some may see trust as a sign of vulnerability – let me reassure you, it is a sign of strength. That trusting – or having faith – in the goodness of others will bring more trust from them to you. It is one of the most valuable aspects of our rising conscious culture.

Recently I also met a great lad named Peter Sharp, who organizes Flash Mobs and Thought-Provoking Public Displays, below is one that reinforces our ability to trust one another. In a time where the current state of the world may seem dim and conflicted with violence in the middle east, there is always room to engage society with open trustworthiness.


5 thoughts on “I Trust You, Do You Trust Me?”

  1. I’ve found this at an interesting time as I just started my travels in Central America. Day one of my trip, not one hour after I arrived at my hostel, someone stole my ipad mini. All signs point to one very obvious culprit, but no one can prove it is him. The hostel searches everyones belongings, but alas, the obvious culprit had a perfect opportunity to go and sell it before hand.

    I was sad of course, but not because I’d lost something “valuable”, but because I had many photos and important information on there. Also sad because I had planned to use this device to figure out my travels as I went (it had maps and bus schedules and such).

    I still have a trust in humanity. I’ve traveled for a long time without something like this happening. I have hitch hiked many times and I often rely on others as much as possible and I look to give when I can as well. Sadly, I have a feeling though that unfortunately the man who stone my device didn’t even really need the money. And now, most troublesome of all, is that I feel ever so less trusting of others :(

    • it is the culprits who live with the weight of fear & sadness on their shoulders, you do not have to. You must be in a negative emotional space to take advantage of someone in such a way, usually these people feel alone and without compassion. We all suffer from this sort of thing from time to time, but we must realize some have it really bad – they can not snap out of it – and the spiral of disharmony builds up when we meet conflict with conflict as we are conformed to do.
      People make mistakes on a daily basis, sometimes those mistakes cause loss to others, but keep your spirit up Devin, I’ve been in very similar situations in Laos and Peru were loss had me feel like I had an empty space inside of me. Remember brother, those empty spaces soon fill up with acquired knowledge and strength from your mishap, you take it with you to be more than you were the day before. We are defined by how well we get hit and keep on moving
      1Love Brother

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