Top 10 Calming Plants to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is something we could all do better without. It is very important to know that there are things you can do to help deal with anxiety that do not require prescription drugs. The plants listed below offers a variety of local plants that can help you overcome your anxiety and that I have found useful.



This incredible and famous herb has been worshiped for hundreds of years for  it healing powers. It  was even used in ancient Egypt during sacred ceremonial practices.When you are feeling a little shaky, take the time to relax and soothe yourself with a cup of chamomile tea. The scent itself is pleasant and calming. The tea helps calm and relieve stomach ailments which is one of the reasons why it is helpful to those dealing with anxiety– we often feel anxiety in our stomachs. Chamomile is also very good at calming the nerves, which is also very useful for those jittery anxious moments. This plant is also very useful to help wound-up children relax, add a teaspoon of honey and it doubles as a delicious treat.

Calendula (pot marigold)


Herb-of-the-Sun, Calendula is an honoured healer, magical, and delicious plant. Herbalists have said that it opens and closes with the sun, and if it was not open yet at 7 a.m. it was going to thunderstorm. When you’re feeling anxious, nervous or depressed, add around 5-10 drops of calendula oil into your bath. Breathe it in, wash it over your skin, and observe how you feel much more at ease.

Ginkgo Biloba


Did you know that this tree is one of the only plants to have survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima? No wonder it can be used to anchor yourself in moments of anxiety, depression, confusion, and much much more. Drink some ginkgo infusion whenever you feel a nervous or anxious serge coming. One of the oldest plant on the planet which is also the last plant to show its leaves in the spring, and grows incredibly slow. It just makes sense to me that this plant would be good to bring calmness, patience, clarity, memory retention and that it has a special affinity for the elderly…  :)



Motherwort literally means herb-for-the-mother, and was known as the herb-of-life to the Japanese because of it’s ability to promote longevity, and we all know we wont lengthy lives if we are anxious and or stressed all the time. This plant has a special affinity for females of any age or stage of physical development, hence the name motherwort. I take motherwort when I feel extreme anxiousness, or when I am dealing with intense emotional upsets.  I usually take 20 drops of motherwort tincture in these moments, and it can be taken as liberally as needed. Just watch out not to get dependent on this herb by switching up your remedies from time to time. Do not consume if you are pregnant or if menstrual flow tends to be heavy. Use with caution if you have endometriosis or fibroids. 



Lavender has been honoured for it’s healing properties dating back to hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Tuscans believed that lavender could counteract the evil eye. When i feel anxious or stressed, I call on lavender oil extract to help with with it’s powerful aromatic healing powers. Put a few drops in your bath, on a hot towel over the forehead, on simply on your skin. Breathe it in, and enjoy the calming sensation take you over.



Anxious and cannot get to sleep no matter what you do? Valerian will do just the trick. It is a sedative and also helps soothe the nerves. It does not taste very good on its own though. So if you are going to drink it in a tea as opposed to taking a capsule, mix it with other sedatives like chamomile and lemon balm. People have believed that valerian has the ability to turn anything that is bad into something good. So take away those bad anxious feelings and turn them into something good and relaxing with this herbal infusion.



Roses have been used for their beauty, their scent and their medicines since the dawn of time. Queen of the aromatic plants, roses have a very nourishing effect on the heart and the circulatory systems, and are also very good at soothing the nerves. You can used infused rose oil for massages, infuse it in water and wear it on your skin, or use the essence to aromatically relax, relieve anxiety and stress, and ease exhaustion.



This plant works wonders as a nervous system tonic, some think it is one of the finest. Therefore it is extremely useful when dealing with anxiety, stress, nervous exhaustion, and insomnia. Drink either a cup of infusion, or no more than 10 drops of tincture, twice a day to help restore imbalances within your nervous system.

St-John’s Wort


The ancient name for this plant was ‘Scare Devil’ because many people, the ancient Greeks for instance, believed that just a whiff of the plant, wearing it or having in your house would drive away any evil spirits. It is also supposed to create a mantle of love around the one who uses it. St-John’s wort is also a legendary plant tonic for the entire nervous system. The tincture heals strengthens and calm the nervous system, thus relieves anxiety and depression. It really does help lift your spirits, try it yourself, it’s awesome! Do not consume St-John’s Wort if you are on any other pharmaceutical drugs, including MAO-inhibiting antidepressant drugs. The use of both can be very hazardous for your health. Be careful when consuming the tincture if you’re going to be outside, it makes your skin much more sensitive to the sun.



Elm trees are very valued in the Americas for their use as a healing plant,for  food, tools, materials, and spiritual ties. The flower essence of elm is particularly useful when we are feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, anxious, or for those who get stressed out striving for perfection.

Other Natural Remedies

Yoga and/or Meditation–  Breathing

Exercise– take a mininum of 20 minutes a day to clear your mind and help you feel good.

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