Top 10 Aphrodisiac Plants

We all appreciate sex that just keeps getting better. There are many other ways to boost our sexual stimulation, potency and stamina. I’m sure many people have heard of some foods that are helpful in this way, such as figs, roses chocolate, or almonds. This is why I have chosen a list of some herbs and flowers that are great aphrodisiacs but aren’t so widely known.

Apple Cider & Honey

apple and honey

Apple trees are the oldest known cultivated fruit in human history. Through out the ages, they have been known as tree-of-honour, tree-of-love, and sacred-tree-of-the-goddess. Honey, liquid gold, has been highly cultivated for food and medicine by humans for at least 8,000 years. In Hindu beliefs, honey or Madhu is one of the five elixirs of immortality and it was poured over deities in the temples during a ritual known as Madhu Abhisheka. Pure unpasteurized apple cider combined with raw honey is a potent medicine and has been used to treat many ailments. In fact there are still some doctors out there who believe the combination of these two foods is so amazingly beneficial to our health that together they are able to combat almost every health problem that affects our species. One fact that researchers know is that this super duo combination stimulates the production of sex hormones in both women and men, and doubles men’s stamina. Combine one teaspoon of apple cider with one teaspoon of honey (with a cup of warm water optional) just before sex, and tap into the aphrodisiac effects of this duo, just one of the many powers they have to offer.



This North American native plant has been highly valued for it’s many health benefits. The Plain Nations considered it to be one of their most sacred healing plants. Echinacea has a tonifying influence over he adrenal cortex, which helps produce sex hormones. Thus it has been used against impotence and as an aphrodisiac.



This herb is reputable as one of humankind’s oldest medicines and was held in high regard by the Ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates. Fenugreek is an excellent rejuvenator for the entire body, a mineral rich tonic, and aphrodisiac.



Believe it or not, but garlic has been used as an aphrodisiac since the Ancient Egyptians. It was also used by the Chinese and the Romans for the same purpose, among other reasons of course. The Romans used to offer it to Ceres, goddess of fertility, and they also used to made love potions from pressed garlic and coriander juice.



All species of mint plants are among some of the worlds most widely used and well known herbs. The Romans used to crown themselves with wreaths made of it and the Greeks used it in their temple rites. In ancient mythology, Hades develops a lust for a nymph named Minthe. Persephone, Hade’s wife, found out and revengefully transformed Minthe into a plant to be trampled on. Hades could not undo the spell, but he could give Minthe a wonderfully sweet and fresh fragrance which would be released whenever her leaves were trampled on. So for a very long time now, all mints are have been considered sexual stimulants and are very effective aphrodisiacs. Apply the essential oil externally on your skin or put a few leaves in your bath to produce a lovely louring scent.



People have been chewing on whole cloves for over 4,000 years in order to freshen their breath.  It was said that in ancient China if anyone wanted to speak to the emperor, they were required to have a clove in their mouth. Cinnamon was held very sacred to the Romans. In fact it is believed that the emperor Nero burned bunches of it as a sacrifice at his wife’s funeral. Cloves are a powerful stimulant, and have been used either ingested or as an oil as an aphrodisiac. Combined with cinnamon, the effects are even stronger. Put some of the essential oil onto your skin, chew on cinnamon and or clove, or make a tea with the two to stimulate a sexual attraction.



This herb is famous around the world for its culinary uses and was one of the most sacred Hindu herbs. Basil is also linked with the voodoo love goddess Erzuli and has been recorded as being used in love spells for divination and ensuring fidelity. They say that eating one leaf a day will aid with a boring sex-life, and that the essential oils of this herb are a powerful aphrodisiac. Apply the oil externally or put a few drops in your bath and you’ll smell mighty fine.

Saw palmetto

saw palmetto

This native herb has been valued by Native American healers for it’s special affinity to relieving prostate gland problems, to promote circulation in the genitals, and as a reputable aphrodisiac as well. The sweet fruits are eaten or fermented juice made into a love potion. So have this sweet snack before bed, and have yourselves a sweet night.



Symbol of the sun, sunflowers are high in vitamin E, which has sexually stimulating effect in our bodies. Make a tea of the flower petals and experience this flower’s aphrodisiac effects.



Yarrow is associated with Hermes, the hero Achilles, Aphrodite, and The Horned God.It is said to be rules by Venus, and is associated with the element water and the seventh chakra. Also known as soldier’s woundwort, and has been known to produce love magic. They say it’s particular in efforts for contacting or seeking out a specific person. For an aphrodisiac effect, chew on the raw stem or drink yarrow tea few hours before intercourse. It is supposed to help connect your hearts, and help you or your partner see from each other’s perspective. Bonne Voyage… !


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