Your Toothbrush is Causing More Pollution Than You Think

Rethink Your Toothbrush

When you take the first steps to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, it can be overwhelming as your research reveals the true impact we, as a society, are making on the environment. Most of which… isn’t good. A red flag that first arose for me was the fact 8,000,000 metric tons of plastic are dumped into landfills and the ocean every year.

I realized I had to start making changes with the votes I cast everyday with the money I spend. It was at this point when I found a company reinventing the toothbrush to help solve the plastic problem with the help of Mao bamboo.

Introducing… ModestPlanet.

Using bamboo (100% biodegradable), recyclable bristles, and even the packaging will break down when added to your compost pile!

Let’s look at a quick overview of the benefits when choosing ModestPlant’s toothbrushes

  • Biodegradable bamboo handle
  • Compostable packaging
  • Bristles are BPA free nylon
  • Reduction in plastic that would end up in landfills or oceans
  • Decrease in pollution (helping the fight against global warming)

Having used ModestPlant’s brush for over a month now, it is still holding up great and has led to some interesting conversations with friends. A bamboo toothbrush!?!

Doing some extra research on the company for this post I realized that a portion of each purchase goes to, a renowned environmental organization aimed at raising awareness around Global Climate Change!

Want to learn more about ModestPlanet?

I have had the opportunity to speak with ModestPlanet’s founder, Vincent, an incredible guy looking to change the way we see toothbrushes and also the incredible benefits of choosing bamboo as a product. He has loaded up their site with some awesome information and videos.

Check them out here and don’t forget to brush your teeth!


(What was your experience with bamboo products? Tell us in the comments)

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