Why I Don’t Vote

I get chastised a lot for not voting. Here’s my defence. I’m an anarchist. That means I don’t believe in hierarchical governance and giving away my power and freedom. So, naturally, I don’t think a democratic government is a good thing. Don’t get it twisted, though – it’s the latter part of the phrase “democratic …

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Anarchy Part 2, Common Misconceptions

Anarchism: The 4 Most Common Misconceptions

In the first part of this series on anarchism, I addressed the common understanding of it, what it isn’t, and a brief history. It’s not a prerequisite for this article, but it’ll help remove some of your prejudice towards anarchism before going forward. First of all, let’s re-state again what anarchism actually is. Rather than …

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Anarchy Symbol on Stage, Anarchy Part 1

An Intro to Anarchism

Removing Your Prejudice Anarchism. The word stirs up strong opinions in most people. Because it’s ridiculous, right? I mean, if there’s no one telling us what to do then all hell will break loose. Why should you even give it the time of day when we’ve clearly moved passed this primitive idea and have gone …

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