Make Your Message Go Viral

Put down the megaphone and come back inside! We have some good news for all the messengers out there. There is a new way to spread your message and have your story be Social Media’s topic of the day.

It’s called Thunderclap!

It’s the 1st crowd speaking platform that lets you lend your voice to causes and ideas that you believe in.

Here’s how it works:

  • set up a campaign with the message and link you want to spreadchild-screaming-300x200
  • set the amount of supporters you want to back the message and the date you want it to thunderclap
  • invite people to donate their social reach with Facebook, Thumblr & Twitter

If you hit your goal: your message will be blast out automatically by each person that backed the cause, all at the same time. Which in turn, reaches every one of their friends and followers. This doesn’t just amplify the message – it explodes it across social media giving your message momentum and limelight.

It’s quick, easy and beautiful. Below is a campaign Valhalla has submitted along w/ SustainableMan called

Join in on this campaign and show the world that you live & believe in a society motivated by compassion, cooperation and companionship (rather than competition, individuality and selfishness).


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