Does Radical Change Require Radical Actions?

We all know that there are “people” looking to maintain the status quo. Heck chances are your parents are the type to not want people to stir the pot in the neighborhood.

However what we can no longer ignore is that things aren’t what they use to be.

With access to the internet and a wave of depressing documentaries on Netflix – we can no longer ignore the problems around us. School isn’t guaranteeing anything more then massive amounts of debt, wages are frozen while inflation is squeezing us dry, the middle class is on a slippery slope and our trust in politics is at Boston Tea Party levels.

The Environment – in serious disarray. The Economy – a house of cards. Our Society – we can’t barely look at a stranger in the eyes on the street without scrambling inside.

What is wrong with us? At what point did we become such careless individuals – at what point did community disappear and our selfishness trump our care for those around us.

What we need is something different. Something to help turn this ship around – to stop the spread of this cancerous mindset. The doctor has prescribed Radical Change.

Do you agree? Do you feel a growing itch to take the red pill? Are you looking around you wondering what everyone is waiting for?

But wait. Do we really need to take the red pill? Will this revolution only happen if we all step out of the system?

Recently I sat down with one of the founders of the New Earth Project – (also referred to as New Earth Nation) Sacha Stone, who surely thinks so.

You can watch our podcast here or download it to listen to it on the road here.

*I apologize for skypes audio quality at times but it’s pretty decent for the most part*

Now I have to admit what the New Earth Project advocates is appealing to say the least. Stop paying your taxes – completely step out of the system while disregarding all of its sillyness – stop supporting the corpotocracy and feeding the corrupt governments – the list can go on forever.


I mean with the city constantly trying to put things in our wheels to slow us down to ensure we are conforming to their annoying regulations (yup – we have to do a study to confirm that putting dirt on dirt to make swales and some terraforming is okay) – to the increasing debt our provinces and states keep slapping on top of us current and future taxpayers. It would be nice to just press the refresh button and give it all a blank slate.

In fact Valhalla was born out of that very notion. The notion of creating the better system we are we’re once waiting for. The notion of hitting the refresh on our own lives. Instead of waiting for others to do – we could just be.

This path lead to Valhalla – a movement to make sustainability mainstream – to build the world we know is possible in our hearts today.

But if Valhalla is to be mainstream should we be swimming within the stream? Should we be changing the system within the system or should we step out of it? Despite being on the forefront of this global shift let it be clear that at times even for us the path is unclear.

However let it be known that we won’t pull over in the fog. We won’t let a flat tire stop us, or bust a u-turn at any point. We shall march forward with every onze of will and strength within us until we see the world step out of this dark age into a period of enlightenment.

Perhaps you started reading this blog hoping for an answer. Hoping that we would have that magic pill that would make it all change in a flash. But there is no magic pill. There is no radical shift that can happen for all of us in a heartbeat.

The powers at the top now will fight to preserve their oligarchy – their money fuelling people in the same position as us to suppress and beat us back into submission. Their media leaving us in a daze and confusion like none other – pining us up against one another – muddying the waters on things like climate change or politics. We are left in a state of paralysis and thats right where “they” want us.

The answer is this:
For some Radical Change will be the most effective way of making a statement. To protest, denounce the system, look to tear down the corrupt, and replace it with ideals of Freedom. To let our rights light up – and our democracy ignite a change will be your job.

For others Radical Change is well – just too radical. We can change the world by just shifting our habits – passively creating our own media, spreading our own knowledge and doing things like gardening or setting up a solar panel will be your way of making a statement.

As for which Valhalla will take:

Valhalla believes the shift will best happen if it is led in a state of balance.There is a time to be a warrior – and another to be a peacemaker but one thing is for sure. It shall only happen if YOU make it happen. Not your neighbour. Not your best friend. Not a politician. You. As you are responsible for the future of our planet as much as the next. What Valhalla is more than anything else is a group of people dedicated to making a difference.

So I guess I’m asking – which pill do you want… the red pill or the blue pill?

*ps. If you watched the podcast here is the link Sacha sent me.

3 thoughts on “Does Radical Change Require Radical Actions?”

  1. This is magic! The interview i believe ended perfectly. Very insightful connecting the alignment of the photon band with being instead of doing the change. I felt very light after going through this article.

  2. I can hardly begin to express how much of inspiration everyone I’ve learned from has been an inspiration to me. Not just an inspiration but I’ve become the person I’ve always wanted to be with the information and guidance I’ve gained from everyone and I mean EVERYONE!
    Im not adept at computer stuff & I burnt most of my bridges int he past *which I’m rebuilding* its kind of a slow start & Ive never been in or connected to any form or type of community. I’ve always been pushed aside and out casted no matter where I been. Though I’ve completely pulled myself together and just trying to get my message out because I will be part of the movement in a big way no matter what anyone says or thinks. I’m just going with the flow and don’t know where to connect with anyone; I’ll drop my site with my mission o n here in case it gets to that special someone; somehow. –
    Namaste ‘ALL’ I am excited for every moment ahead, especially if I can meet many of our current New Age leaders; or anyone at all really!!! Much Love!

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