Practical Permaculture Workshop Contest

This summer P3 Permaculture and Valhalla are collaborating to bring you some practical techniques in permaculture that you can build at home, on your balcony and back yards.

We ran a contest to spread the message, share for a chance to win free classes!

Practical Permaculture Workshops Contest Winners

The following individuals helped support our workshop series by sharing our video to their friends and family. We are humbled by how many of you were interested in sharing for a chance to win a free pass to a workshop.  The initial idea was to give a free class to 2 individuals who helped share, but after sitting down to pick who had won, we asked ourselves, it would be easier if more than 2 people won.

So we picked 6 people at random :)

  • Kathryn AitkenValhallaMTL
  • Michael M Boucher
  • Antonio Faria
  • Rizia Moreira
  • Nébesna Fortin
  • Kathryn Aitken

Please feel free to check out our list of the workshops we are offering and let us know which class you’d like to attend. We thank you again for your support and we hope to see you soon.

Compost Toilet Permaculture Class

Passionate about Permaculture?

You can  sign up to the entire series for a discounted price: 450$!

That’s 8 workshops for the price of 6.

Only want to attend some of the workshops?

Sign up to four workshops to get one more for free.

Our goal is to materialize permaculture into something tangible that any and all people interested can grasp and apply as they need. 

Make sure to sign up and follow the event on Facebook, and share the video on our Facebook Page.



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