Hiding In Plain Sight

11111111111Most of what we own, consume, and purchase, is made with products from the Monsanto corporation.  Whether it is the packaging around your fruits, the fruits themselves, the acrylic floor tiles in your kitchen, anything and everything plastic, processing assembly lines, pharmaceuticals; a world of products just wanting to be marketed to you! This is the story of one company poised to take over the world. They have already mastered the art of transforming cheap resources into products that they in turn convince you, you need.  This corporation has a terrible legacy that can only be titled a genocide. This genocide does not target race or nation, but rather all of us. Connect the dots, and you will see that throughout history, they have been hiding the truth in plain sight.

This is a documentation of the propaganda being used against the masses by Monsanto to further its wicked agenda.

Part 1: Big Industry

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Big Industry

Investigates Monsanto’s dark history, how it got started, what made it’s fortunes, and how it chose to expand its operations.  With the help of their good friends within the media, politics and industry, they were fused together to form the atomic age of the military industrial complex.  War bonds are advertised on TV, while the money is being spent testing chemical warfare. These chemical weapons are then purchased by the government and used on their enemy.  These new fantastic products are then brought back to the homeland, and with the help of some color cartoons, these chemical weapons are marketed to everyone as the next new miracle product!  <— This is the reoccurring theme

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If anyone is experiencing issues with the part one, please let me know, by leaving a comment below.  Bare in mind it is a big file (500mb) and may need some time to load, some viewers have to let it load in the background, for later viewing. Please enjoy this playlist of trailers while you wait. We start off with some strong language, followed by the original ground zero and then the playlist lightens the mood with some cartoons. Below is a list of Monsanto products covered in this film, many have been banned after years of massive profits. Thank you for your patience and support.

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Monsanto’s Infamous Products



sugarsub1Monsanto’s very first product was the artificial sweetener, Saccharin.  A sweet tasting chemical produced from coal tar, that’s right…coal tar! This sweet tasting byproduct of industry was sold in large amounts to the Coca-Cola company. This ingenious recycling of coal is where our story begins.


indexIn the 1920’s, Monsanto expanded their chemical production into polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) producing coolant fluids for the vast amount of electrical products that were starting to sweep the nation. Transformers, capacitors, and electric motors; thousands and thousands of tons!

The United States Congress recognized PCBs as a significant environmental toxin in 1979. They claimed it was a persistent organic pollutant, and banned its production in the U.S.  Monsanto had many PCB plants aboard and these weren’t entirely stopped until the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants banned PCBs globally in 2001.

Internal company memos from 1956 surfaced during this time, proving that Monsanto had known about dangers of PCBs, but choose to ignore them in pursuit of large financial gain.


StyrofoamLitter1941, Monsanto wanted to make everything plastic, and they were quite successful with their petroleum based take over.  Their products are still widely in use today. One in particular is known as Styrofoam. In the 1980’s, the Environmental Production Agency (EPA) ranked polystyrene 5th on its list of chemicals whose production generates the most hazardous waste.

Atom bomb and nuclear weapons

atomic-bomb-test-1946-grangerShortly after acquiring the Thomas and Hochwalt Laboratories, Monsanto turned their attention to profiting off war. Between 1943 to 1945, these labs coordinated key production efforts of the Manhattan Project. Including production and purification of plutonium, as well as chemicals used as triggers in the atomic weapons.


photo-chicago-2800-devon-ave-weed-spraying-two-city-officials-watching-thats-likely-ddt-1952In 1944, Monsanto started selling one of its chemical weapons, designed for and during World War 2. They became the first manufacturers of the insecticide DDT.  This product was marketed and pushed on every level. The government was even purchasing it and spraying it on unsuspecting citizens. Monsanto  swore by its safety, yet in 1972, DDT was banned throughout the U.S, due to the harmful effects it posed to humans.


image3sMonsanto began promoting the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture, in 1945, with the manufacturing of the herbicide 2,4,5-T (one of the precursors to Agent Orange). It is known as a persistent environmental pollutant that accumulates in the food chain, collecting in the fatty tissue of animals. Ever since it has been developed, Monsanto has been accused of contamination and cover ups related to Dioxin.

Agent Orange

orMonsanto’s infamous chemical weapon Agent Orange was used as a herbicide / defoliant during the Vietnam War. First used under declassified Project Hades, its main objective was to destroy crop production. It was so devastating that they changed the name of the operation to “ranch hand”, and covered up the goal of destroying food production.  They claim it was simply used as a “defoliate”.

 List of infamous products continues…

part 2: Big Business

With all this money coming in from the government, consumers and industry, it would seem that Monsanto is in quite a position of influence. I wonder if they would ever use their capital and powerful connections to sway decisions that would benefit their corporate mandate of more profits……hmmm..

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Monsanto’s Chemical Genocide Part 2 BIG BUSINESS


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