Do It Yourself JellyFish Plants

Suspended Beauty

hhhThey’re called air plants, simply because they require good air to thrive. But contrary to what their name implies, they still need a good watering. They need to be completely soaked in water for about 45minutes to an hour every week or so and then completely dried.

An epiphyte is a plant that grows non-parasitically upon another plants (such as a tree), and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain.

 So I put them in a bowl of water, then let them dry all day on some paper towels, in indirect sunlight. I’m drying these ones right now that I plan on using later. The plants here are only 2 inches long and I’m thinking of putting them in mason jars.


What You’ll Need

tBody: Shells make a beautiful natural body for the jellyfish; alternatives can be as simple as paper mache.

Plant: Airplants seem to enjoy this type of suspended existence, and perhaps also other plants such as succulents.

String: Dental floss, fishing line, yarn, anything and everything possible to hold it all in place

Putting It together

You put fishing line (or anything else does that does the trick) through tiny holes at the top of the shell and make a loop so that it could hold the airplant inside.

I had to wrap the line around the plant a couple of times so it didn’t fall out of the shell. If the shell’s opening is smaller, you could just push it through.


Your Done!

1939955_10153928935890157_1992971677_n Attach your string to the ceiling near a window, where the plant can receive sunlight. Remember to soak them every week or so to ensure they remain healthy.  Allowing them to dry will prevent mold from forming if water gets caught, when you wrap your plant to hang. I am sure these creative ornamentals will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Enjoy The JellyFish Vibe


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  1. I knew an old lady… she had an airplant in her garden… in a sub-tropical zone…she had placed it into a crevice on a 1.5metre high tree stump…and it loved it! it had grown from the size of the young ones you show here, to a clump the size of a human face! In about 2-3 years! And it flowered, big orange/red sprays. It was in the middle of her yard so it had a lot of sun.

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