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which will help build our Earthship Sustainability Learning Centre.

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logoThis learning center is the culmination of an evolving process of dreaming, planning, and building that began more than two years ago. Valhalla then was a group of hard-working young people—entrepreneurs, web designers, graphic artists, environmentalists and gardeners—who firmly stood by the idea that many of the world’s ills could be solved through communal, sustainable living. From the seed of this idea, which continues to rest at the heart of our mission, Valhalla has grown into a network of volunteers, community members and experts looking to see the message of sustainability grow here in Montréal, and worldwide.earthship3u

We believe Valhalla’s sustainability learning centre deserves funding because it is at heart what we see the Aviva Community Fund as being about—sustainable, community driven ideas that have a positive human and environmental impact. Whether we are teaching how to heat a home with a solar collector using pop cans, or how to use gardening to build community in urban environments, building a healthy community and environment are driving principles behind our organization, not mere components.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 5.31.47 PMValhalla will be that positive change. We are  an organization that not only talks about sustainability, but also demonstrates the idea in a practical, evolving way. By building a sustainability-learning centre, people will be able to feel, and touch a lifestyle that is not dependent on non-renewable resources and practices that destroy living systems. This is an opportunity to teach people about how to build such structures, while also building a network of individuals who are interested in the same. Our ambition is nothing short of working with the local Montréal community to build an even larger worldwide network of sustainability projects that will change our relationship to the planet and each other.

And we are already well on our way—with over ten thousand subscribers to our Facebook page, a new website and crowd-funding platform, Valhalla is laying down the foundations for sustainability learning on a local and international level. We have demonstrated a far reaching interest in our project, raising thirty thousand dollars to build an Earthship-inspired greenhouse through a Kickstarter campaign, much of the money coming from the local area. These projects have taught us to consider community both in dimensions of physical, local action, and the broader global context of ideas and social networks.

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Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 5.34.54 PM

We are a group that believes, the change we want does not come about by waiting for others, but we have to be Proactive and make it happen.  This does not mean we can simply isolate ourselves and “go our own way”; to the contrary, we need to work with businesses and innovators, universities and volunteers working together and in their own ways to make sustainability a reality. In short, we need the support of an entire community. This is why the support of the Aviva Community Fund is so crucial to the next steps of our endeavour: to work with a major Canadian business alongside our crowdfunding sources and local businesses and sources to build a structure that will be the beating heart of our work in Montréal.sus


This learning center will demonstrate to people that there are ways to live that are comfortable, modern, and sustainable. There they will find Valhalla members working day and night, often without days off, for the sole reason that they believe in what this project offers. We and our supporters are not looking for feel good or “band-aid” solutions. We are challenging ourselves, and our community to discover what it means to live sustainably on this earth.

The Mission

Build A  100% Self-Sustainable School, NO COMPROMISE

Teach the Local Community The Value Of Solution Based Education

Create Fun Interactive Media, Disperse It, So the World May Take Part.

3uIf you want to see a 3U Earthship Built by Micheal Reynolds and the Earthship Biotechture Team In Montreal….

Support This Project

mrWe are in the process of acquiring the funds necessary to have the inventor of Earthship’s himself, travel to Montreal, to build this community center.  We are about to receive plans for our 3U earthship School(displayed in the image above).  These plans will be stamped and approved, and construction is scheduled for summer 2014.  The Earthship Biotecture Team will also host an Academy course, to teach interested individuals , a hands on, practical approach on how to build an Earthship. The Valhalla team will be there documenting every step of the way , and bring it to you in fun, informative videos that we will posted on our Youtube channel.

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