These “Free Spirit Spheres” Would Make the Most Amazing Getaways for Nature Lovers

Posted Jul 04, by Brandon Siewert

When it comes to camping, there are outdoorsmen, and there are people that love the outdoors. The latter have a passion for nature, but appreciate everyday comforts and prefer not to endure its elements. The former on the other hand, welcome poor conditions with open arms, seeing them as just another part of the experience.

Then there’s the third group of people – those that aren’t passionate about the outdoors per se, but desperately need a retreat from the hubbub of their lives. For those people, and many others simply looking for a quiet getaway, there’s Free Spirit Spheres.

The inventor wanted to create a place for people to get away – experience a spiritual retreat of sorts. So he began making Free Spirit Spheres and installing them in the Vancouver woods.

The process begins by first finding a grouping of sturdy, tall trees


Then, each sphere is tethered to three equidistant trees and hoisted up.

This part, as you could assume, isn’t easy. But once suspended in place, the rest of the sphere’s installation is easy.

The stairway supports are put into place…

And then the helical rope stairs are installed.

It’s right about now that you start realizing how high above the ground they are.

Suspended at roughly 15-20 feet up…

Free Spirit Spheres are pretty much treehouses for adults.

But wait until you see the inside…

These little spherical hideaways have all the amenities, and the comforts of a small RV.

Actually, their interiors were designed with a yacht-like aesthetic, making them incredible warm and inviting.

They’re also deceptively spacious.

Each sphere comfortably sleeps at least two guests, with larger ones having the capacity to house four.

And each one is incredibly cozy.

They’re space-economical without being cramped or constricting.

And all the while, they provide a picturesque view of the surrounding outdoors.

So what do you think? Could you see yourself in one?

h/t Free Spirit Spheres

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