A Sprouting Dream: greenseed.me

About 1 year ago today, Valhalla received a generous donation from an angel donor affiliated with many non-profit social enterprises. The grant was used on developing & designing a vision born from the hearts of members with a dream to make sustainability main stream – to make sustainability happen now. So we thought, how do we get social causes & sustainable initiatives to have a space to flourish & be self-empowered? We’ve concluded that three basic resources are generally always needed to flourish one of these:

Funding – Brave Leaders – A Supporting Community

After identifying these needs, the next step is the creation of a platform that facilitates their delivery

“Awesome! A challenge worth devoting energy towards!”

And it has since been a non-stop ride of brainstorming, power-hours, networking and consequently becoming part of a magical start-up adventure!

Thing is, we’re not the only ones to gain from this, so we’d love your feedback & participation. Come see us if you’re interested! – You’re welcomed in :)

Greenseed.me greenseed button sustainability kickstarter

While the platform is being coded, ValhallaMovement.com serves as our Live platform for current campaigns.

Share, donate & help the world be a little more green!

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